Authors can still apply to Ottawa Book Expo 2020

The Ottawa Book Expo is expanding opportunities for authors to grow and organically increase their following this year. Authors who have not yet applied to be part of the multicultural literary grandeur still have time to apply and be a part of the biggest multicultural literary expo of 2020.

The Ottawa Book Expo is expecting hundreds of literary vendors to be present in its legendary multicultural event. However, to provide more opportunities to aspiring full-time authors, the Ottawa Book Expo is extending its applications to welcome more authors.

The non-profit literary expo aims to showcase the cultural vitality of the literary community in Canada. There will be various authors, publishers and artists present from the First Nations and around the world. Be a part of the cultural display and proudly display your literary work alongside hundreds of authors and publishers.

The organizers of the Expo promise class-A assistance when it comes to the professional commercial marketing of each vendor. The key goal is to provide authors and publishers with as much exposure as possible to ensure a thriving literary community.

Thousands of bookworms are expected to attend the event and they are all hungry for something new to read. The Book Expo will provide authors and publishers the opportunity to make themselves more recognizable within the local literary community by creating personal connections with potential readers.

Unlike in bookstore settings, authors and publishers will have the opportunity to sell their books upfront. There is also a great opportunity to make recommendations and listen to potential readers’ likes and dislikes to gain a feel for the literary market.

Authors will be able to set up booths wherein they can sign their books for bookworms who are interested. It’s no secret that bookworms favour signed books above everything. The activity will provide authors with the opportunity to be more recognizable for bookworms.

Recognition is incredibly important in the literary industry. Most works of literature are bought only when bookworms have received a recommendation from somewhere. There are thousands of books on the shelves at a time and it isn’t always easy to grab someone’s attention unless you’re publishing under household names.

When you think of it, it makes sense. Books are becoming increasingly expensive and not all bookworms are willing to bet their money on a book that they know nothing about.

There are thousands of book reviewers available in the market. However, reaching out to book reviewers does not always guarantee that you will get the recognition you need, not to mention the costs that come with posting free books to reviewers.

Due to the unstable results and high investment required to send out review copies, one can only determine that it isn’t the best way to get organic traffic for your books. That is why the Ottawa Book Expo is prioritizing professional commercial marketing above all else.

Employing the professional skills of the team behind the Ottawa Book Expo, authors will be able to learn how to effectively promote their books in a professional setting. Opportunities to personally sell and recommend your books to potential readers will blossom and allow you to effectively increase your recognition within the literary community.

Readers are looking for enjoyable reads that tackle serious issues within society. Previously, books have had a hard time with getting banned from certain lists, libraries, and circulation for having content that is deemed inappropriate.

Nowadays, readers are hungry to learn more about different cultures, struggles and social issues through books. It is the perfect time to be a ruthless author who tackles every issue they want to speak about.

The Ottawa Book Expo will provide you with the perfect platform to make readers listen and take notice of your work while strolling along for a perfect day of literary celebration.

Thousands of bookworms are waiting for the chance to meet you and your work. Join in the Ottawa Book Expo’s goal to diversify the literary community within Ottawa and keep it alive and prosperous for a very long time.

Vendor slots are still open for authors to apply but it’s best if you hurry, there are only a few slots left and with the Expo coming around this June, you will need all the time you can get to prepare.


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