Ottawa Book Expo 2020: Restaurant Vendors Can Now Apply

The 2020 Ottawa Book Expo is expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism to the Ottawa area. To make this possible, restaurant vendors are encouraged to apply and to become a part of what could possibly be the biggest literary event in Canada.

Over 200 vendors are expected to participate in the historical literary expo. Among those, local restaurants who are all eager to showcase their culinary masterpieces with the masses.

The Ottawa Book Expo is providing local restaurants with an opportunity to reach hundreds—if not thousands, of expo attendees all in one place. The Expo will give vendors access to not only bookworms but foodies as well. Hundreds of foodies are expected to flock to the expo to sample the best food that Canada has to offer.

It’s clear that the Ottawa Book Expo presents a prime commercial marketing opportunity for all vendors involved. It isn’t getting any easier to promote local restaurants. However, with the help of the Ottawa Book Expo, local restaurants will have the opportunity to serve foodies who are actively looking for their next favourite restaurant.

You may be concerned about the number of vendors present. However, the Ottawa Book Expo has employed the help of professional marketing and sales experts to provide an equal opportunity for all vendors to reach their full marketing potential.

All you really have to worry about is serving your food fast enough to cater to hundreds of these hungry expo attendees. Due to the nature of this inclusive Expo, most of the attendees will be there solely to sample what local restaurants can serve them. Hundreds of foodies on the hunt for delicious food and a new restaurant to promote will be swarming your booth every day of the Expo.

The Ottawa Book Expo is truly revolutionary. Its partnership with Smoque Shack to launch the Great Canadian Barbecue which will be held alongside the Expo itself is expected to spearhead an era of culinary tourism to the Ottawa area.

Much like New York, the Ottawa area is expected to be turned into a melting pot of different cultures through culinary masterpieces. There is already an assortment of cultures that can be found in the Ottawa area. However, that is expected to double as talented chefs and experienced restaurateurs from all over the world prepare for the opportunity to cash in on Ottawa’s culinary future.

Of course, it would only serve to benefit local restaurants to be a part of the event that makes this happen. Not only would restaurants gain valuable exposure but they would also gain experience in serving a multitude of clients within a short span of time.

The Ottawa Book Expo’s Great Canadian Barbecue has also organized multiple all-singles events and a local foodie group on the Meetup website. The foodie group is geared toward individuals who share the love of barbecue, food and beer. The Great Canadian Barbecue hopes to encourage food lovers across Canada to come together in support of the historical event.

Due to the efforts of the team behind the Great Canadian Barbecue, it is safe to say that hundreds of foodies will be joining in the festivities solely for the purpose of supporting the local food culture. Food and culture go hand in hand and it is incredibly important to keep the vitality of the culinary community thriving.

The Ottawa Book Expo’s mission for cultural diversity goes beyond featured authors and publishers. The organizers are encouraging chefs and restaurants who serve food from other cultures to apply for the Expo. In addition to this, the Expo is also welcoming restaurateurs and chefs who prioritize Canadian cooking.

There is no lack of benefit for all parties involved in the Ottawa Book Expo. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Ottawa’s history by participating in what could be the biggest literary event in Canada.

The possibilities are endless and the expo attendees are ripe for the picking. Reach an audience you never could have imagined and fulfill your part in keeping the cultural vitality of the Ottawa area alive. Apply to be a vendor now on the Ottawa Book Expo website. Early bird rates are still applicable. However, vendor slots are running out fast. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of Ottawa’s culinary history.


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