Ottawa Book Expo 2020 Welcomes Applications from New York State

Do not bury your talents; don’t be afraid to share your dreams with the world. If you are a talented writer or publisher in New York, then you have been invited to exhibit your work for the world to see, at the Ottawa Book Expo 2020. The event is sponsored by WPBS-TV in Watertown, New York, among other independent literary businesses.

The book expo aims to celebrate international and local talent. The expo intends to play a vital role in the literary industry by bringing together both publishers, agents, distributors, retailers and book lovers together on a single platform.Book expos are often a great chance for authors and publishers to get a lot of attention from the media. Writers also get a chance to meet their fans and nurture stronger relationships with people and publishers.

Many book expos aim at promoting already established authors, thereby ignoring new talents who have little or no prior exposure, however, the Ottawa Book Expo celebrates the local and international pool of literary genius that has previously gone unnoticed. This way, new authors do not have to struggle so much to gain an audience, for their work.

The Ottawa Book Expo will go on for a total of four days, local authors have signed up to be a part of the exhibition and international authors from New York are invited to grab their tickets now. The events would hold on June 7, July 24th-26th at the Horticultural Building in Lansdowne Park.Tickets are nearly selling out, and big crowds are expected at the event.

One of the reasons why a lot of self-published books do not do well in the industry is that many times, there are no serious sustained efforts made at promoting these books. The Ottawa Book Expo is an effort by independent literary businesses totry to sustain the literary culture in Canada and all over the world. It can be very disheartening to see upcoming writers marginalized while famous mainstream authors are celebrated all the time.The expo would allow you to mingle with potential readers and fellow authors to allow you to sell your book upfront. At the event, your book is guaranteed to sell a lot better thanwhen they’re just being sold at a bookstore.

The Ottawa Book Expo would also feature the Great Canadian Barbeque, which involves a lot of delicious Canadian cuisine. Once you purchase a ticket for the Great Canadian Barbecue, you will be able to mingle alongside each other and enjoy a day full of literary and culinary sensations.The expo promises to be an educational and cultural event. There are seminars, panel discussions, food, author meet-ups, etc. to keep the exhibitors and visitors busy and to spread knowledge. There will also be various cultural activities at the book fairs.

So whether you are a foodie or a reader or both, the Ottawa Book Expo 2020 is the perfect place to be this year. To participate; please head on over to the Ottawa Book Expo website and register for this opportunity of a lifetime.


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