How Agora Book Self-Publishing Boosts Writer Sales in Montreal

Hiring the professionals at to handle all processes regarding your book’s writing, editing, and marketing would be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make concerning your book and here is why. In today’s world of unlimited reading resources, publishing a successful book is difficult, which is the reason professional help is such an essential part of achieving success.

The internet is full of published books, asides these, there are comments, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, free books, there is just an unlimited amount of written text available to readers all over the world, so what’s the guarantee that anyone is going to pay attention to your work, much less pay to read it.

In an article entitled, “7 reasons why a Book fails to sell,” Derek Haines, Australian English teacher, blogger and Author of 8 bestsellers, says, “Without a shadow of doubt, a book that is badly written and structured, poorly proofread, badly formatted on full of errors and typos will fail miserably.” 

For this reason, if you want to capture the world’s attention with your text, then you must take the time to bring it up to par with what’s already available. Even more, you must surpass most of the free content on the internet. How do you do this?

First, align yourself with a reliable source for great content. Credible sources such as assure readers that the content offered will surpass readers' expectations. No one wants to spend two hours trying to read a book; just to go 'wow, that's two hours of my life wasted,' but this happens more often than you think. Hence the countless amounts of bad reviews you would find on book review platforms such as Goodreads or Amazon.

To avoid falling into this pit as a Montreal self-published author, you must align yourself with self-publishing platforms that offer eBook editing services, builds your book credibility and markets your book effectively.      

The market is overflowing with underdeveloped or awkwardly written stories that no one wants to buy. Upcoming authors can avoid publishing one of such books by working side-by-side with an editor who will fix all grammar issues so the ideas come across clearly and professionally. This would go a long way in influencing the way your book is viewed by the audience.

A professional ebook editor is trained to point of flawed details in your book’s plot, and so can be a reliable source for an objective perspective on the work. They would ensure that your book’s message is clear, thereby making your work seem a lot more professional. This way you would be able to compete in an already saturated market.

Agora publishing also helps out with your eBook’s marketing, making sure it stands out from the majority of other eBooks on the market. They would help to determine what elements of your book should be included, removed or modified depending on the demographic to certify the work appropriate for readers.

They would offer necessary advice on book covers, images, and other branding materials that can be included. This professional help can considerably improve the sales and overall success of your book.

Agora Books helps writers in Montréal to bring their writing to an entirely different level. Professional editing and marketing services can make the smallest difference between producing a best-selling product in the online literary industry or a book that gets buried in the anarchy of written information on the internet.


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