John Summers: Abused mother died without seeing her son thanks to Ottawa lawyer relying on slander

Ottawa lawyer John Summers appeared to have a straightforward task.  This comprised of relying on slander to block the desire of a woman, who had been disabled as result of abuse to see her son.

One example of John Summers' deception was representation that Dezrin's Carby-Samuels' son had been blacklisted by Ottawa Ambulance Services.

Mr Summers also included in slanderous representation to the Ottawa Court that Dezrin's son was "mentally ill" among other lies.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels was able-bodied and able to talk when her son was looking after her.  But within a few weeks of blocked access, her abuser rendered her without the ability to talk and write.  John Summers conspired to perpetuate abuse for years leading to her reported premature death in February 2020.

Can you imagine being in forcibly confined in an environment for years in which you cannot walk, talk or write and your prime link to the outside world is the very abuser whose actions expedited your condition and having such conditions perpetuated by a lawyer whose license is under a government mandate?

Justice Patrick Smith had ruled in February 2016 that Dezrin ought to be able to see her son in order for her to regain access to the care from her son that she had previously enjoyed.  Please watch the above video for details.   However, John Summers was immediately parachuted into the case which perpetuated conditions of hell which resulted in Dezrin's premature death.

John Summers' conduct is documented in Peter Tremblay's book.

If you seek to support a petition to expel Mr Summers from the Law Society of Upper Canada then you might wish to consider reviewing the following -

Mr Summers and whatever apparently secretive entity paid him perpetuated medical experiments that had been begun under the control of the late Dr Jerry Tenenbaum who had taught at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Toronto.


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