Erectile dysfunction increases among young men

There are various cases of male erectile dysfunction today. These cases are on the rise especially in men below the age of 40 years. The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a recent study, where every single man below the age of 40 years among a group of four seeks help for a problem of erectile dysfunction. A sex therapist with a PhD, Brandy Engler and also the author of The Men on My Couch says,” In the past couple of years I have seen the number of men coming for this on the rise.” There are various reasons why young guys are having a hard time getting hard and there are various ways to deal with it.

Chronic health conditions like diabetes and low testosterone levels are normally the causes of erectile dysfunction amongst many men but with younger men, things are different. According to the study one contributing factor is smoking and use of illicit drugs which is very common among these young patients. Director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital, Natan Bar-Chama says that other contributing factors to erectile dysfunction among younger guys are: excessive drinking, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. A solution to this problem is quitting smoking and staying fit. Bar-Chama adds that anxiety is not only causing this problem in women but also in men. Work related stress or failure to perform can lead to having problems rising to the occasion or even maintaining the erection.

Another major thing that causes erectile dysfunction among the younger men is what Engler calls the porn effect. Unlimited novelty is what results in the younger men from viewing porn. When this turns into addiction and becomes too much, it leads to a desensitizing effect, says Engler. If constant novelty lacks, it becomes much harder to have a hard on.

When your partner experiences this problem, don’t get mad at them. If your first reaction when your partner doesn’t get a hard on is getting mad, this will just add him more stress. It will give them emotional pressure because he will feel his erection is only needed to validate her. Engler says that instead, show him you still enjoy having sex with him and tell him this is no big deal. Focusing on getting you pleased and taking off these demands on his manhood can help easing the anxiety. Slow things a bit and Engler says this will even help alleviate his erectile dysfunction problem.

If the problem keeps on happening on many occasions, discuss it with your partner and do not use confrontational language, instead be supportive and use “we” when talking. Do not bring up the topic when you are both naked in bed, a less vulnerable situation will do good. Do things together like working out together with your partner and stop watching porn for some time to resolve your problem but if it persists, it’s time to see a doctor or a psychologist.


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