SEO: Top 10 Mistakes That Adult Webmasters Make

Although internet marketing involving adult contents is very profitable, it should be noted that it comes with its own problems. However, these problems come in the form of common mistakes committed by adult webmasters.

On the whole, there are basically ten common mistakes that adult webmasters make which results in their site not being ranked among the best. These top ten mistakes adult webmasters make include the following;

Not taking time to analyze traffic: This mistake stems from the fact that most webmasters are only seeking for the traffic that their site will get whilst forgetting that traffic to a site is only good if it has a very high conversion rate. Instead of tracking the traffic to find out whether it converts or not, they just ignore it and this in turn leads to the site not bringing the much sought after profits.

Not making use of keywords that suit the particular service: This is one major mistake that a lot of webmasters make and the sad thing is that they keep making it over and over. It is always very important to make use of keywords that are mostly used in a specific area where a particular webmaster wishes to provide his or her services. However, a lot of these webmasters are fond of using keywords that are very general and this makes it very hard for potential customers in the area to find the kind of services that they provide.

Globalising keywords whilst the services are for a certain specific region: This mistake has led to so many webmasters getting stuck with their internet marketing businesses. Instead of using specific keywords they make use of keywords that can be referred to as global, generic or general. These keywords tend to limit the number of potential customers that a site is supposed to get when the right keywords are used.

Lack of Meta descriptive words and proper titles: It really does look very odd and unprofessional to find sites with almost every page having the same title. It is very essential for each and every page to have a title that is very unique and different from the rest as it will help in getting more quality traffic to your site.

No anchor text: It is very boring and outmoded to chance upon sites that always have things like “Press Here” and others. Most webmasters fall short when it comes to making use of anchor text to direct visitors to other service areas.

One anchor text: This mistake deals with webmasters using just a single anchor text throughout their entire site. This makes it very boring for visitors and it also points to the fact that all the page titles are the same.

Placing numbers above quality: In this case a lot of webmasters do everything to get more traffic to their site without looking out for only those who are willing to make a trade with them.

Low quality content: This mistake stems from the fact that most webmasters outsource for articles that are badly researched and humanly not readable.

Low standard link contents: Most webmasters forget that the kind of content that they come out with must be of the highest standard in order to get enough links.

Going with low standard cheap link package designs: With this mistake, a greater percentage of adult webmaster fall short as they prefer to go in for the cheap link building packages which comes with basic designs rather than the high quality premium packages.


Being an adult webmaster is not all about the traffic you get but also about ensuring that these basic mistakes are not committed.


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