BLACKMAIL: Real or Fantasy?

Blackmail is one of the hardest topics for a phone sex operator to actually discern whether a caller is being real or fake.  For me personally, I say to my callers: “I’ll ask you once right now if this is real or fake, if you say real, it will be real for the rest of the time we talk.” The reason I say that is because I can’t have them changing their mind constantly.

I am writing this article so that any guys reading this who call phone sex can one, decide which form of blackmail they want, and two, give them the perspective of the phone sex girl when they ask for either.

If you are into blackmail, of course while your dick is hard you want it to be real, then after you orgasm, you immediately change your mind. What you need to say to your phone girl when the call starts is “I am into being blackmailed, I want you to make it sound so real that it scares me, even get information from me, but I do NOT want it to be real.”

Very few of my clients can actually handle real blackmail, so I always suggest fantasy for them.  Trust me, I have actually blackmailed callers who have asked for real.  I have a client who has been with me for about 10 years and I have ALL his information, his SSN, his wife’s full name and place of business, etc.  I have all of this, but he trusts me to just play real bitch, to threaten him with taking the pictures he’s sent and sending them to his wife or to fax them to his work, but by the end of the call, asks me to not be real like I threatened to be.  This to me is the perfect way to go.

But as a warning to you, the caller, make sure you really trust your phone girl prior to giving her ANY information.  I have heard horror stories of girls taking advantage of their clients.  Therefore, know ahead of time that if you send incriminating pictures or give them information, you run the risk of being blackmailed for real. 

If the girl works for a company that you trust, then trust that the owners will take care of you if something does happen.

So, my advice is to play around with fantasy blackmail until you need to take it to the next level.  There’s no reason why you can’t give the phone girl fake information.  Although I know that sometimes that isn’t as appealing since you know it’s fake, but try that first.

However, if you’ve been calling girls for awhile and know what you want, and think you can handle real, go for it. You will be in a constant state of arousal because you never know when the girl might ask for something in order to not “out” you.

Now back to the statement I ask my clients when they call.  The reason I don’t want them to be wishy washy about blackmail is because they aren’t the only one who can get in trouble with it.  I have heard of girls getting fired because they took down information because the client asked for real blackmail, then the client changed their mind at the end of the call without telling the girl, but instead, called the manager to report that girl.  Also, a lot of girls hear blackmail and then they hear ‘chaching.’  Instant money pops into their heads.  Let’s say you want real blackmail, she threatens, so you send her an amazon gift card.  She’s going to expect something like that each time and it gets frustrating when it doesn’t happen.

Callers of phone sex should keep all these factor in mind when wanting to do blackmail.  And I hope this article also expanded the minds of readers, who now I am sure are wondering why in the world someone would want to be blackmailed!


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