Ever Wondered How the Covid-19 Pandemic has Changed the Dating Game?

Video chats are in and small talk is out. Couples no longer have to fret about who picks up the check. And maybe the biggest positive of all- everyone is now forced to take things slow says an article published in the New York Times. The piece analyzed dating during the 2020 coronavirus disease outbreak, the concluded that the coronavirus has changed the dating game for the better

The epidemic might also be prolonging future marriages, as more singles are now talking via video chatting before they meet in person, making sure that they are compatible with whoever they’re talking to, before taking things further. In other words, singles are kissing fewer frogs and increasing the chances of ending up with the right partner

ASaint Mary’s University researcher and psychology professor Maryanne Fisher has also recently conducted a survey to learn about the pandemic’s effect on dating, romance and sex and has made some interesting findings.

“At first I didn’t have the insight that people were going to change their mating and dating patterns that significantly,” Fisher explained, quoted in the Halifax Examiner. “Then after the pandemic hit and I was talking to some of my friends and family, married and single, I was hearing really different patterns of behaviour than usual.”

Fisher has already surveyed over 800 single people around the world. One of her interviews was with a 22-year-old simply identified as Abby, she described the 2020 dating game as “a nightmare in some ways,” but also a blessing.

“It’s definitely nicer to find out what people can hold meaningful conversations for more than a couple of days,” she said. “Besides people being nasty, it has been a great way to weed out the bad apples.”

According to Abby, rather than Facetime, most people in her circle are dating through car meetups and social distance dates which include picnics where people bring snacks for each other in their cars and stay six feet apart to chat.

Furthermore, from her survey results so far, Fisher believes that more people are trying to reconnect with exes.

“There seems to be this reaching out for almost a comfort, so someone you’ve known in the past and you’re looking for some sort of companionship from those people,” she said.

She also believes that many people might be breaking the social distancing protocolwhen they feel pressured to have sex.

Fisher’s survey is still on-going, but when she completes the study, Fisher intends to compare dating data from before the pandemic with that of during the pandemic.

“I will be able to track time changes across the general population’s views of themselves as mates, as well as what they were looking for in mates, as well as attitudes and behaviours regarding sexuality,” she said.

“This is a really unique opportunity as a scientist to ask ‘What happens when a social species isn’t allowed to be social, and what can we learn about ourselves based on that fundamental characteristic, our fundamental ability to be social, being shut down.”

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