Coronavirus: Five ways to build some intimacy during self-isolation

This year has been quite an unusual one in the history of years that sucked—from the shocking death of Kobe to the Ukrainian airline crash that killed all 176 people. And when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the coronavirus took centre stage, in grand style. Unfortunately, we couldn't get tickets to the concert. 

We self-isolated instead. And for folks who weren't so lucky and caught the disease, they got quarantined.

It seemed like our lives will never be the same again, right?

Isolation, living indoors for weeks on end, can take a toll. Life was balanced when we could go to work, then come back home to eat and fuck. Yeah. With self-isolation and quarantine, couples can lose their intimacy. Sex can get stale within a short time.

We have some suggestions to spice up your sex life and help you build more sweetness into intimacy in the lockdown. Here they are: 

1 - Sex Games

In the early days of isolation, you and your partner probably got through the dismal days with games. Card games at around lunchtime. Video games while your girlfriend was asleep, and that was some respite from the ribald chitty-chatter. 

Has it occurred to you that sex could be incorporated into a game routine?

Here are a few games to turn up the heat of intimacy: 

Treasure HuntYou’ll need a blindfold, some chocolate cream, or any other cream and your imagination.

Try this:

Put some cream on your clit, or the inside of your thighs, or around the tip of your nipples. Lie on the bed. Blindfold your partner and ask him to find the cream. See just how long you can hold back your moans.

Steam things up with Strip PokerYou could play any regular card game with this. Every time you lose, youtake off an article of clothing. Wear sparse clothing; lingerie for your girl, a pair of boxers for you perhaps. The faster, the better.

The Timer and Replay game takes an everyday occurrence and switches it up. Get down to steamy sex, set your timer to two minutes, and start kissing. Or do foreplay by the fireplace, perhaps with a dildo up your partner's vagina, and stroke them intensely but stop when the alarm goes off. Let her do a handjob or a blowjob for that same time and stop when the alarm goes off.
To spice the games up some more, you may just try out Free Fuck Games; it will be loads of super fun!

2 - Read More Erotica

On a slow day, exquisite erotica can fire up your sexual thoughts. You have material for charged intimacy in erotica books. And there isa plethora of them available these days. 

If you are isolating alone, you can quickly run out of imagery to spur your masturbation game. Here's where a good erotica book comes in handy. Read with an open mind, get into it, mark those steamy scenes you'd like to inject yourself in, then blow out.

And if you are quarantined with your partner, well, the more, the merrier. You each read different authors. Bring your lessons into the bedroom and freak each other out.

Craving by Steel Helen Hardt, Sabbath's Theatre by Philip Roth, and A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter are irresistibly steamy booksthat will besure to get your intimacy level back in gear.

3 - Turn to Sex Dolls

If you aren't a prude, bashful, or not looking to upload your sex tape on Pornhub, it is sure that your intimacy odometer may have tanked at some point in this isolation period. 

Sex Dolls Genie has experienced a spike in orders in the past eight weeks. Sex dolls are a thing for good reason. If you are self-isolating and starved of intimacy, get a sex doll. Can they help boost your intimacy? Of course!If people can find comfort in a robotic dog, or a seal like the therapeutic robot Paro, why not a doll?

4 - Sexting

We recommend this for the moments of hunger for intimacy because there is a lack of a physical partner. Of course, you should not send unsolicited photos of your penis or pussy to the intended partner, except if they've given their consent. Sexting is one of the best intimacy boosts if your partner is isolated out of town. 

Like physical, sexual experience, don't just launch right into sending videos of you wanking or stroking on your penis. Build intensity. Like foreplay, get your partner in the mood with voice notes or lewd texts. But most chatting apps aren't as secure as they advertise. You risk being exposed by hackers. If, however, you want a little more confidentiality, either of the apps Confide or Signal arecool options with strong encryptions.

5 - Video Dating

Partners bond better when they can behold each other. Video dating is ideal for building intimacy. The level of satisfaction is even higher than sexting because partners can see each other. Video dating can incorporate many of the options above. 

Video dating partners can have virtual sex, masturbate, sext, and if it is something up their alley, have group sex. 

Note: Don't burst in on your intended partner with a video of you humping your pillow, or sinking that horse dildo up your pussy without first telling them how horny you are. 

All in all, intimacy should not necessarily be lost just because you are self-isolating. Rev it up, and get cuddly with one or two of the suggestions we have provided. 


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