Pro Basketball: Steve Nash misses Captain Canada boat

When you think of Steve Nash, you think of the long hair, crisp passes and two time NBA Most Valuable Player.  He has been nicknamed "Captain Canada" by Canadian media but does that nickname hold true?

Nash hasn't been involved with Canadian basketball in years.  Yes, he just signed on to be the General Manager for Team Canada but where was he the previous ten years for Canada?  He turned down playing for the Toronto Raptors to go play for the Los Angeles Lakers.  To me, Steve Nash should not be considered Captain Canada.  For him, it is out of convenience for him.  I am sure after he retires, he will pursue something in Hollywood as there are a lot of people who think he is a jokester of some sort.  What better way to kick-start your post basketball career than playing for Los Angeles?

If Nash was playing for Team Canada during Olympic Qualifying, we could have made it to the Olympics.  He chose to decline and spend the summer kicking soccer balls around and posting YouTube videos.  He played for Team Canada when it could benefit him in furthering his career.  Now that he is a known commodity, he has no use for playing for Canada.  It's a "what can you do for me" attitude that has a lot of Canadians questioning Steve Nash's loyalty to his country.

I commend him on winning back to back NBA most valuable player awards, leading the league in assist numerous times and making players around him better.  When you can do those kinds of things, why wouldn't you want to do it for your country?  Hockey players salivate at the opportunity to play for Team Canada.  But Nash did only when it was convenient for him.  In regards to playing for Team Canada, he said, "I can say from experience, playing for the national team was more valuable to my development than any of the other stuff, any of the all-star games, any of the spotlight, spectacle showcases."  If that was the case, why didn't you play for them more?

Steve Nash Captain Canada?  Right now I would say definitely not but we shall see how he does as Team Canada's GM.  I'd like to see him at least embrace Canada more.  In time we will see why he chose the Lakers over the Raptors.  One obvious reason is that he has a better chance at a championship.  But I also believe it was also to build his fan base post basketball.  Captain Canada?  Maybe ten years ago.  He is more Captain Fame than Captain Canada.


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