India's strategy for political sports

India pushes through politics to win sport events. Its insistence to use fake means to become a top sport giant at any cost to outsmart Japan and China is bad in taste. However, India agencies are not bothered about moral or legal aspect of its sport ambitions.  From black magic to lavish money to influencing other nations are the key techniques of India uses for possible sport fame.

Every nation can aspire to be good sport nation but must not use wrong ways to achieve greatness.

It is quite normal if countries try ot outsmart one another in sports and tournaments but sport fixing by any means is illegal and the immorally gotten titles do not stand scrutiny of time.

The case in point is India- an emerging economy in South Asia and trying to overtake the sport powers and big economies like USA, Russia, China and Japan, etc.

Until recently China reigned in Badminton in all formats- single doubles, etc as one could see the results of all important international tournaments.  Chinese shutters occupied top positions in most categories, if not all.

Badminton has been traditionally forte of China and South East nations but in recent times India has made inroads but it could not overwhelm the Chinese players in any format.

Apparently, now days, Beijing, the sport superpower of Asian continent,  seems to have developed “soft” corner for India withdraw it top players from the field altogether, leaving the field manly for India, while Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia etc just play to promote Indian cause. The reason for the self denial approach of all these nations It is not clear but China has a border issue with India and fought with it a war in 1965.

So much so, Indian badminton board and mafias are eager to fix matches in India’s favor by adjusting the schedules, timings, weak opponents- Indian players would insist that no strong payers are pitted against poor Indians. Generally Indian top players face tough opponents only in final or semi finals. That they generally lose, unless some fixing is done in advance for they are very lucky.

India now seems to claim “ownership” of BWF badminton as it wants everything according to its whims and fancies. Other teams obey or tolerate Indian dictates.

Syed international held in India apparently did not allow strong candidates from other countries and only weak candidates were added and pitted against India’s top shutters for easy win. That is indeed extremely cheap. Then point is world badminton forum has no objection and it promotes Indian interests. Most of Indian badminton players won medals easily and took pride for taking revenge for real tournaments where non-Indians (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, among others), shine for their better skills.

How powerful India has become in badminton administration and decision making apparatus can be gauged the way India  stepped in to raise the ranking of  its top woman player Saina who fell to ranking 10 after the Olympics 2016 but in a couple of days her ranking was raised to 4. But she is so weak that her ranking fell gradually to 10. India is making strenuous efforts to make her shine along with another upcoming topper Saindu. It Is not clear if China withdrew its top female players from the BWF field altogether, helping Indian topper to raise her ranking.

In fact, upon its huge success in cricket where it now decides many things as its privilege India is focused on badminton. In fact after IPL, India has floated such joint spots in many sports like hockey, football badminton, tennis, etc and obviously influences the players from aboard to help India at the “appropriate time” when countries play international tournaments.

So far India has managed some success in its efforts.

Though failed badly in sports in outside India competitions, it has an element of success in one field Badminton through matchfixing tactics with other nations, including China.


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