Canada might be headed for its best-ever Basketball World Cup

Canada’s Toronto Raptors have had a promising year so far, and this year could rightfully be considered their most promising year in Canadian history. 

The Raptors have become a buzzword for most basketball fans. After winning the NBA Championship, the team, and fans think they can take it a step further. Canada has never won the FIBA world cup, and with the Raptors being the most promising team in years, everyone in Canada is rooting for them. Canadian teams have never won the FIBA let alone qualify in the past 60 years. These Raptors are making history.

Canada has already crushed both Chile and Venezuela, but who is really driving this amazing team? According to FIBA’s official site K. Olynyk, K. Wiltjer, C. Joseph, P. Scrub, T. Thompson, and A. Nembhard have been the strongest players so far. K. Wiltjer with 19.1 points, K. Olynyk with 11 rebounds, and K. Pangos with 9 assists were at the top of their game these last two games.

Sadly another teammate that most likely would have joined them on the top player board was Kawhi Leonard who left the Raptors right before they were accepted into FIBA. Many Raptors will miss Kawhi but are proud of their team for holding their ground.

Another twist of fate is drawing an old player back to his roots. Andrew Wiggins who left for the Minnesota Timber Wolves is considering coming back, but everyone seems to have differing opinions. The Raptors Rapture, a sports news website, specifically for the Raptors sings Wiggins praises while fans on Facebook and Twitter think Wiggins is just looking to use the Raptors because his own team failed at winning. No contracts have been offered, but there is speculation that the Raptors may be considering it. 

With such a promising title on the line neither the Raptors nor fans are willing to risk it. Only seven out of 32 teams will make it to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and the pressure is on. Some of the toughest teams including Australia, Senegal, and Lithuania are their first games. Raptor fans are biting their nails in anticipation to see what happens to their golden team. To move on they must beat two teams, but because The Raptors, let alone any Canadian team has never done something like this the world waits with fingers crossed.

Canada vs. Australia is on September 1st, and Senegal and Lithuania follow in the next five days. With Canada not qualifying for Olympics since 1956, the pressure is intense. NavBahitasays that he gets a few hours of sleep, but he is beyond excited and proud of his country's team. A huge parade was thrown for the raptors when the news was released and Toronto along with raptor fans all around the world are cheering for them. 

The heart-warmingreception which exhibited a lot of national pride was beautiful and has even intrigued none basketball fans. This year's games are sure to be interesting, and best of luck to the Raptors at this year’s FIBA world cup.


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