Montreal Transgender woman: T should be removed from GBLT

We need to think about removing the “T” from GLBT. Too many people, including some gays, apparently, seem to think that a transitioned woman who has relations with a male is a homosexual. Wrong!!! She is a woman, a heterosexual. If she was gay, she would have a relationship with a woman, not a man.

Trans people really have to go it alone, and stop letting so-called allies use us  . . . and abuse us!

Yes, stand up for GLB people, too. Support them in their struggles for equal rights. But remember that T people are distinct — it’s not about sexual orientation, it’s about gender identity. It’s a whole different thing, and we should not let gays or anyone else confuse the two.

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I have been sharing my personal experiences during my transition from male gender status to female gender status for almost three years here. I am now legally a female after having sexual reassignment surgery in October 2009. I also talk a little about trans issues, though am no expert.

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Methinks this lady doth protest too much!

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