Girl Scouts in U.S. hire transgender counsellor


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A few weeks back Queerty reported on Indiana legislator Bob Morris, who refused to sign a proclamation celebrating the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary because, he felt, the group was a “radicalized organization” that promoted abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Well, his head must be exploding right about now: The Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michigan (GSNIM) have hired a trans student, Caden Loew (right), to be a counselor.

Loew, a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, has some words for Morris, according to the IPFW Communicator:

“The Girl Scouts do not promote homosexuality—they promote diversity,” says Loew. “In the Girl Scout law we promise to be a sister to every Girl Scout. Not allowing a transgender girl into the Girl Scouts is not very sister like. If a person is biologically a female or identifies as female, they have every right to be apart of the Girl Scouts.”

We totally agree. Only there’s one thing that has us confused: Loew is actually a female-to-male trans and identifies as male on his Facebook page. He told the Communicator, “the fact that I am a trans man does not make me a bad counselor,” which may very well be true. But we’d think trans men would want to be treated the same as bio men, who can’t join or lead troops.

Otherwise it sounds like Loew is telling the Girl Scouts to ignore his gender presentation and simply think of him as the sex he was born into—which is kind of what Morris wants.

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