Reviews Transgender Dating - Tips and Advice

Are you in a relationship with a transsexual woman? Whether you knew that she was transsexual before you started dating her or not, you may find these tips from useful.

What’s it all about?

‘Transgender’ is a broad definition of gender bending whilst ‘Transsexual’ means that the person you are now dating was born male but is now in every respect female. A person who undergoes the necessary medical procedure is sincerely convinced that their sexuality is female. They are heterosexual, but are only interested in adopting the role of a female.

Why are you dating her?

You need to ask yourself why you are dating the lady. If you’re just curious about sex with a transsexual, you should be careful about which dating sites you use and be direct about your intentions. There are plenty of dating sites with a casual dating focus and no-one will be hurt or offended if they know your intentions on such sites. However, more traditional dating sites are often used by people who are looking for a long-term partner and it would be unfair to take advantage of this fact merely to satisfy your sexual curiosity,

Be a gentleman

Just because she was born a man doesn’t mean that a transgender woman will put up with being treated as anything less than a lady. She wants the same things in a date as any other woman does. Put your best foot forward and be confident without being arrogant.

Be sensitive regarding transsexuality

No-one likes to be asked a million questions about the medical procedures they may have undergone, but for transgender women, this can be a particularly painful subject. If you decide to broach it with her, be sensitive to her feelings and back off if you see that your questions are unwelcome.

Ideally, you shouldn’t raise the subject at all. If she wants to talk about it, she will, but chances are she would like to be accepted as a woman rather than being regarded as a transsexual.

She might have emotional issues

Remember, your transsexual partner has a long history of confusion and inner conflict behind her. Because she was not always a woman, she may have unrealistic expectations regarding the way she should be treated. Her re-birth as a woman makes her a ‘young’ woman, so she lacks the type of experience that would normally be expected of a genetic woman who has reached the same age.


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