Transgender artist and activist releases music video

KOKUMỌ, an African-American transgender woman, artist, and activist, has released the official music video for her song, There Will Come a Day, which premiered today on Huffington Post Gay Voices. The song envisions a future where trans women of color are fully seen, celebrated and respected, and it is the title track of KOKUMỌ’s EP, which was released in February 2013. The music video stars trans woman artist and trailblazer, Angelica Ross, and rising star Clifton J. Mohomes. The video was directed by Lovely Surreal Inc. and KOKUMỌ. It is dedicated to the lives of transgender women of color that have been lost to violence, including the countless unknown and unnamed. There Will Come a Day touches on sensitive and urgent issues facing trans women of colour. “It is high time we start looking at the murder of transwomen as not a hate crime but a domestic violence issue,” said KOKUMỌ, with reference to themes in the music video. “Furthermore, it’s beyond high time we start looking at the genocide of transwomen of colour, especially black transwomen, as a violation of both civil and human rights.” KOKUMỌ grew up in Chicago’s South Side, and is the founder and CEO of the multimedia production company called KOKUMỌMEDIA. The company uses music, film and literature to illuminate the experiences of trans*, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGI) people of color, specifically trans women of color. KOKUMỌ is also the founder of T.G.I.F. (Trans*, Gender Non-conforming, and Intersex Freedom), an annual summit held in Chicago addressing the needs of TGI people. She was named to the first ever Trans 100 list, which highlights the positive work being accomplished by those typically underrepresented. After hearing only negative messages about her identity for so long, she gave herself the name KOKUMỌ, which is Yoruba, a West African language, for “This one will not die.” Find out more about KOKUMỌ and her work at Reference –
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