Travel: What to declare when flying to Canada

(NC) — If flying to Canada is on your horizon, there are a few things you need to know before you arrive. It is illegal to bring in certain foods such as meat, fruit, and vegetables, as well as clothing and footwear, that may have been in contact with contaminated farm animals.

Many of these items can contain harmful and sometimes deadly pests and diseases that can spread disease to animals, humans, livestock, water supply and forests in Canada.

Here are some tips from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to make you aware before you declare:

1. When the flight attendant brings the declaration cards for you to fill in, pay particular attention to the section on items you are bringing into the country, or where you have been while outside of Canada. Border service officials will want to know whether you have visited any farms or whether or you are bringing any prohibited items into the country.

2. Be aware that the Canada Border Services Agency uses detector dogs that are trained to find food, plants, animals and related products, even through closed luggage on a carousel.

3. Make an honest declaration because hiding certain substances or failing to declare them could result in you being fined or your items being taken away from you.

By knowing the risks and taking the appropriate actions, you can help protect Canada and Canadians.


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