Thailand: Tips to Help You Plan Your Bangkok Trip

Bangkok, one of the best tourist attractions in Asia, is the capital city of Thailand and also its largest and most populous city. Due to its rich in culture, mouthwatering delicacies, and its reputation for being one of the best shopping destinations in Asia, lots of tourists around Asia and as well as around the world come to this city. Another contribution to why tourists seem to enjoy this city is because of its contrasting feature where it may have adopted modernity but still the city is able to preserve its cultures and practices and ancient monuments; where modern and old style are brought together in one city.

If you are to visit this city, no doubt you’ll fall head over heels with this city and you’ll never get enough of shopping because of all the cheap buys. But before you get excited, here are some information and tips that could help you in planning your trip to Bangkok.


It’s not actually difficult in going around Bangkok since most of its shopping centers are grouped and just within walking distance to each other.  And they also have “tuk-tuk” which is a motorized tricycle and they use this as an alternative to taxi if you’re planning to budget your money for transportation. Some of the shopping places in Bangkok are just a walking distance away. A lot of hotels are located just across shopping centers.


If you’re in Bangkok for several days and would include your weekend, then it’s preferable that you allot a day from your weekend to spend it at Jatujak (Chatuchak) Weekend Market. This is the largest market in Thailand and is only open during the weekends. Here, you can find a wide variety of stuffs being sold; from clothes to collectible items to furniture to pets to foods. And the fun thing about shopping here is that you can buy them at cheap price and even be able to bargain with the vendors.

Bangkok’s floating market is another of its must visit places in the city. It’s a market that is located on the river, where they have houses that are by the river and you make a trade with them while you’re on the boat. Some vendors are also riding the boat and strolling around the river while selling their products. However, it would be better if you purchase only little things because there might be a lot that you can find at Jatujak and surely it’s a lot cheaper there and vendors can easily be bargained with.


Try ordering Tom Yum, a spicy soup and has a bit of sour taste. This is a known delicacy of Thailand and has been spread to other nearby countries of Thailand particularly Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. If you’re a fan of spicy foods, then you’ll never have a problem with ordering foods. Most of their dishes are spicy even when you already requested them not to.



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