Maximize the vacation romance barometer

(NC) -- Couples often say that travelling together is good for romance – and no wonder. It is widely recognized that the bond created when caring for one another in places unknown, can improve the relationship permanently not just for the moment.

So if vacationing together is in your plans this summer, there's no time like the present to get groomed. Here's a little romance-enhancing checklist:

Healthy Hair: A good cut makes a woman's hair bouncy and a man's hair youthful. Revive dry over-processed hair with home treatments like olive oil, eggs, honey, or avocado – and guys, even with beer. Start by removing the product build-up with one-part baking soda plus two-parts gentle shampoo. Let the hair dry, apply your home-made treatment, leave it on for at least an hour, and wash it off gently with two shampoos.

Sensual Smile: Gleaming white teeth convey a clean fresh mouth – and it's just the opposite if you have dingy teeth. Make your partner want to kiss your lips by asking your dental office for whitening advice. Professionals use the Philips Zoom technology either in the chair, or with products to take home. For example, in 45 minutes a light-activated system called WhiteSpeed can whiten even sensitive teeth up to eight shades. Or, one of two different Zoom gels are clinically proven to give you better results than any alternative: the DayWhite treatment works in two or three weeks, and the NiteWhite gel will transform your smile within a week. Best of all, both are formulated for sensitivity and to protect the enamel. Or, ask your dentist for the Zoom whitening pen. It's designed to slip discreetly into a purse or pocket so at any given moment you can easily touch up those pearly whites.

Body Grooming: Only you know the type of grooming you need to make yourself feel attractive and confident, from skin softening, to fresh scents, to hair removal. Plan ahead to address these things before the departure day and to identify the things to pack. Take travel-size grooming products to keep luggage light, and to illustrate to your mate that you are, indeed, a natural beauty.


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