How To Plan The Ultimate Skiing Holiday

The best skiing holiday won’t be had in the Alps or in the American Rockies. You can’t find excitement at a typical ski resort with other tourists jostling you for space on the chairlift and the slopes. No, in order to plan the ultimate skiing holiday, you have to try heli-skiing.

You might not have heard of it before, but heli-skiing emerged as an amped up form of the popular sport back in the 60s. The beautiful slopes and mountains of Canada continue to support the growing popularity of this amazing pastime. Tourist towns like Golden and Revelstoke are perfect settings, as they are right at the base of the mountains – just a short helicopter away from the top.

Heli skiing takes you to the peaks of these mountains. The excitement starts with a helicopter ride to parts of these mountains where the snow lays undisturbed from other skiers. You’ll quickly reach the remote destination but not before viewing some amazing birds-eye view of British Columbia. Unlike anywhere else in the world, these mountains provide breathtaking scenery that will rock your world.

The snow that awaits you is even better than the view. Because a helicopter affords you the opportunity to ski on truly fresh powder, you’ll never have the displeasure of racing through another person’s tracks again. The weather conditions high in the Canadian Rockies allows for fresh snow year round, making your descent a true delight.

The winter temperatures won’t be an issue with this energetic sport. Layers are the best way to dress to ensure maximum comfort. The helicopter ride will be heated and once on location the physical exertion of skiing keeps individuals warm. However, the right gear will make the journey more enjoyable. A regular ski jacket and trousers are a must. Ski gloves such as gauntlet gloves, that are longer and go over the wrist, are recommended. Good goggles and ski boots as well as a helmet are required; a helmet camera is a fun addition to ensure you can relive your experience. Skis, poles, and transceivers, of course, can be rented.

The trip is easy to plan when you contact the leading name in heli-skiing. Canadian Heli-Skiing has expert pilots and knowledgeable guides to help you make it off the slopes, and their friendly representatives at the lodges warmly welcome you back from a long day of skiing. They have the most flexible options for heli skiing packages on the market, as they want you to have the best, most unique ski vacation.

The mountains in Canada offer a unique and beautiful opportunity to experience mostly unseen wilderness via air and land. As you fly down the sides, you’ll enjoy the freedom and beauty of these remote journeys. The untouched powder, dizzying speeds, and ultimate runs can’t be matched by any other ski resort of destination.


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