Casino Tourism: Las Vegas versus Atlantic City

More and more people are being drawn into the circle of casino players by the passing of each and every single day. This is highly due to the fact that casino centres have become one of the very few places where people can have fun and still earn some cash in the end – that is if you end up being a winner on any of the games.

The moment casino gaming centres are mentioned, there are a lot of places that come to mind. Among these cities are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. A lot of people have always tried to really find which of these two cities offer the best in terms of casino tourism.

In a bid to compare and contrast these two great casino cities in terms of the tourist attractions that they provide, the following things are used;

Nature of casino centres: Las Vegas is a city that has been known all over the world as a gambling city and this can be seen in the unlimited number of casino centres available within the city. It is very rare to ever chance upon a casino centre in Las Vegas that is not up to the required standards of a high quality casino centre. However, the situation is a bit different with Atlantic City. Although Atlantic City also boasts of having a number of high quality casino centres, it always comes out second best when the general qualities of its casinos are compared to those in Las Vegas.

Hotels: Atlantic City has a number of modern day hotels just like in Vegas and these offer comfortable places for visitors to relax and enjoy their stay in both cities. However, the only difference between them is the fact that prices fluctuate a bit in Atlantic City whilst that of Las Vegas stays almost constant. Atlantic City hotel prices are known to be very high during weekends in the summer and drops when the season passes. However, hotel prices in Las Vegas are always very high regardless of the season.

Entertainment: Atlantic City has a number of shows that are organized periodically throughout the year like the “Cirque Dreams”. However, the quality of shows in Atlantic City cannot be compared to that of Las Vegas which has a show like “O” that draws countless number of people each time it is held.

Places of interest: Las Vegas boasts of having almost every part of the city offering something unique to visitors. Some of the places of interest in Las Vegas include the following;

·         The Strip

·         The Fremont Street Experience

·         Venetian Hotels and Gondola Rides

·         The Paris Hotel and Eifel Tower

·         Bellagio Hotel and Fountain Show

·         Caesar’s Palace and “The Colosseum”

·         Mandalay Bay and the Shark Reef Aquarium

These are just a few of the interesting and exciting places that a person can tour whilst in Las Vegas.

Atlantic City on the other hand also has some major places of interest and they include the following;

·         The Steel Pier

·         Borgata

·         Absecon Lighthouse

·         Boardwalk Hall

·         Playground Pier

In terms of casino tourism, both Las Vegas and Atlantic City do offer people a lot of exciting experiences. However, Las Vegas edges Atlantic City when it comes to the quality of services offered. With as little as $10 in Las Vegas, a person will be able to take part in most of the casino games whilst the least amount needed to be involved in a game in Atlantic City is $15.


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