5 Summer Vacation Ideas You Haven't Considered Yet But Should

The months dedicated to summer vacation are right around the corner. Have you been spending your evenings trying to decide where to go and what to do during your precious months off from work? Has nothing caught your eye? Perhaps all the destination ideas have seemed run-of-the-mill and exactly like what you did in years past? Ready for something new?

Here are some summer vacation ideas that you may not have considered but are sure to get you out of your comfort zone and exploring new things.

1. Food tour of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has become a popular destination for more than just the Venice Beach boardwalk. With more than 25,000 eateries and restaurants in LA city alone, there's something here to delight every type of foodie under the sun. Food tours provide a unique way to meet locals, as well as get a feel for the city. And with so many food tours to choose from, you will have enough to do to fill up several days. And while you are in town, you may as well explore the currently trending cannabis culture, too. Start with this large list of dispensaries in LA and add a few stops to get the most out of your foodie trip.

2. Stay in a hotel under the sea.

The world's very first underwater hotel is found in Key Largo, Florida. The Jules' Undersea Lodge is 21 feet under the sea. Look out your window, and you get a view of beautiful tropical fish swimming past. But you will need to learn how to scuba dive beforehand as the only access point to your guest suite is via a water entry way! Once inside, though, you get hot showers, books, movies, and a tiny kitchen. Pizza delivery is available by a scuba diving pizza guy who carries the pizza to you in a water-proof box. What's not to love about this?

3. Chase the northern lights.

Looking for something that will fill your heart with wonder? Spend some time this summer chasing the aurora borealis. The northern lights are visible in Iceland from late August through to early April. And in Alaska from late August to the middle of April. Canada is often called the aurora-viewing haven, and Jasper National Park is a popular spot. Here, too, you will want to go from mid-August if you are hoping to catch the light show. Norway, Sweden, and Finland all provide glimpses of the northern lights. However, these places have a later viewing time, in September, which may not coincide with your summer vacation plans.

4. Stay in a treehouse.

Were the best days of your childhood spent building a tree fort? Did you pass many hours designing an intricate tree castle but never got the chance to stay up there for as long as you would have liked? Today, there are various tree houses across the globe that allow travelers to book a night or a week’s lodging. Some notable tree houses include the Tranquil Resort located in Kerala, India. Accessible via walkways way up in the canopy of the forest, the tree house rooms offer views of the tree's limbs and branches throughout. Indulge your childhood fantasies while spending quality time in nature and letting the green soothe your soul.

5. Stay in a tipi.

Want to try your hand at roughing it but minus any discomfort? Interested in seeing how your skills compare with those in one of your favorite survivalist shows? But if you want to camp in style, consider staying in a tipi rental. Both Yellowstone national park and Glacier national park have tipis that add a little touch of glamor to the camping experience. Your tent comes equipped with mattresses, blankets, cots, and safari chairs. You may feel so at home that you decide to spend your day lounging indoors instead of taking in the wild outdoors.


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