12 Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic At Least Twice

Looking for your next vacation spot? Search no further as the Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean—and for many good reasons.

Blessed with diverse landscape, rich culture and tropical weather, the country has created various tourist attraction to suit the diverse interest of its visitors. So, whether you’re the type that enjoys nature, watersports, jewelry, sexual adventure, or just the whole tropical experience, the Dominican Republic definitely has something unique to offer everyone.

Here are 12 reasons why you should visit the Dominican Republic over and over again.

1.  Damajaqua Waterfalls

The Damajaqua Waterfalls is a spectacular sight that consists of a series of 27 waterfalls and rock pools and has become one of the biggest tourist attractions Puerto Plata has to offer.

During tours of these waterfalls, visitors are entertained with activated such as climbing up to the falls before sliding, jumping, or swimming into the pools that have been created.

2.  Playa Dorada

Well known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, the Playa Dorada is one of the most popular locations in Puerto Plata. Easily tagged the ‘Puerto Plata’s tourist hub,’ the location is a huge resort complex located along a stretch of beach.

It consists of several hotels, restaurants, a shopping center, and the Robert Trent Jones golf course. Due to the warm waters and the bright sunshine, this location is perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

3.  Zipline Adventure and Tropical Zoo

The Zipline Adventure in another attraction in Puerto Plata that gives tourist and opportunity to witness the lush green forestry of the Dominican Republic from a bird’s eye view.

For tourist looking to get the ultimate adventure—aside having the spectacular view—one can equally combine this trip with a visit to a tropical petting zoo, where you can pose for photos with variety of resident animals such as squirrel monkeys and parrots.

4.  Amber Museum of Puerto Plata

The Amber Museum celebrates the beauty of the nation gem of the Dominican Republics, Amber. This museum is located in a stunning Victorian-style building and puts on display several specimens of valuable Dominican amber—many of which include fauna and fossilized flora.

Tourist looking to take home souvenirs can purchase amber jewelry at the gift shop inside the building.

5.  Erotic resorts

For tourist who are looking for much more than just drinking piña coladas and soaking up the sun, the Dominican Republic is home to numerous steamy adults-only resorts.

At the Oxygen Retreat, you’ll find luxurious beachfront resorts fully equipped with modern amenities, endless supply of beverages,beautiful Dominican women, naughty dance parties, spectacular dining, spas and private clothing-optional beaches.

This erotic vacation gives singles and couples the opportunity to try something new and exciting like nude yoga lessons, water polo, naked volleyball, pole-dancing lessons, body painting, sensual aqua fitness and many more.

6.  Nightlife

The nightlife options of offer at the Puerto Plata is enormous as all of the resorts have their ow bars and discos—which are usually free for guest and open to all those who have purchased day passes. Visitors are thrilled to live music and karaoke lasting the entire night.

7.  Whale Watching

The area of Samaná in the Dominican Republic is home to the Sanctuary of the Humpback Whales.

About 2,000 humpback whales come to reproduce in the water close to the coast every year, between December and March. According to studies, all population of Atlantic humpback whales can sometimes perform some acrobatic acts while mating, such as jumping out of the water, and some males will sing ‘songs’ to attract the attention of the females.

8.  Mount Isabel de Torres

Mount Isabel de Torres is the highest mountain in the Caribbean, standing at an impressive 2,600 foot (792-meter), it is one of the most unique experiences that’s on offer in the Dominican Republic.

At the peak of this mountain, tourist can expect to have a stunning view of Puerto Plata, a restaurant, flower filled gardens, and a statue of Jesus Christ—similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro.

9.  Culture

The Dominican Republic has a rich blend of cultures, and one way to get a feel of it is at the Puerto Plata cultural festival which hold in the third week of June.

The festival features merengue, jazz, blues, and folk concerts at San Felipe Fort, also troupes from San Domingo perform several traditional dances to African spiritual music and salsa.

10.  Cabarete

Popularly known as the ‘wind-surfing capital of the country’, the Cabarete offers a lot more than just that.

This area is arguably one of the best in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding, due to the warm waters and consistent strong winds.  However, asides the water sports, the 4-mile (6-kilometer) white sand beach littered with cafes, restaurants and shops, making this location an overall impressive place to be at.

11.  Ocean World Adventures

The Ocean World Adventures is a very popular water park in the Dominican Republic that places strong emphasis on visitor-animal interactions.

Asides the various water slides and aquarium viewings, visitors will also have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and other tropical fish, play with sea lions, and pet sharks and stingrays. The land animals are not left out as the Ocean World Adventures also provides visitors with views of tropical birds and tigers amongst others.

12.  Fun City Action Park

The largest and mot elaborate go-kart center in the Dominicans Republic is the Fun City Action Park. The park features three different race tracks in one location and over two dozen different types of go-karts to select from.

The Fun City Action Park is a perfect place to visit for those travelling with a group or on team bonding sessions.


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