12 Reasons to Travel to Nepal

Many people donotknow this but Nepal is a great place to travel. With its attractive views and amazing people, youwould absolutely be grateful that you went there. Nepal has jungles, lakes and mountain which are safe for sightseeing. Let me not spill the beans just yet because I am going to give you 12 awesome reasons why a trip to Nepal will be an unforgettable one for you, as it was for me.

  1. Spot Rhinos and Tigers

Everyone thinks that wildlife exists only in Africa but that’s not true. Nepal is a great place forspottingwildlife. It is home to creatures like rhinos, crocodiles, deers, the elusive Bengal Tiger and a vast populationof birds in different species.Youcan find these wildlife creatures in Chitwanor Bardiaor the National park. Nepal is one of the few countries that have the clouded leopards sharing their habitat. The clouded leopards are basically leopards with elusive bigger spots. These leopards werethought to be in extinction until recently when they were discovered in Nepal.

  1. It`s perfect for adrenaline junkies   

Nepal is the best place for adrenaline junkies because there’s more than enough adrenaline rush to go around. From riding motorbikes to rafting the rivers to bungee jumping, mountaineering and hitching hot air balloon rides, there’s so much to do and you get to pick the perfect sport for you. If you’re really looking to have that amazing lifetime adventure, you definitely have to try the waterfall ice climbing. Yes! You literally scale vertically up a frozen water fall using ice picks. This takes place in the Lantang Valley or the Annapurna Sanctuary areas of Nepal. Sounds amazing, right? I know.

  1. Hike the Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit starts in Pokhara. It has a distance of 160-230km in length with an altitude of 5,416m along the ThorungLa Pass which touches the very edge of the Tibetan plateau. It is considered as one of the world’s most exciting hiking routes. Hiking the Annapurna Circuit is usually done in an anticlockwise manner due to the gradual gradient which transverses through different landscapes, including the very famous Himalayan Mountains. It is not a trip that can be considered as smooth and can take between 9-25 days to be completed.  You will fall in love with the sight of the ground below when you get to the top of your hike. It is an amazing view to behold. You’ll definitely just want t literally live there for the rest for your life, ha-ha!

  1. The diversity and acceptance of religion

Hinduism and Buddhism are the most common religious practice out there in Nepal. There are people who also practice other forms of religion like Kiratism, Christianity and Islam. There’s an enlightening thrill you get when you explore the different parts of Nepal with their different forms of religion cultures. It is amazing to see how there can be so much unity in the diversities.

  1. The peace and serenity

Looking to travel somewherethat gives you peace of mind and allows you to think widely without any distractions or disturbances? Nepal is just the placeforyou. Nepal, blessed with manylakesand beautiful views, coupled with a strong Buddhist presence, is regarded as the sacredhomeof happypeople. The Nepalese are very spiritual peopleand this reflects in the atmosphere that they inhabit. The environment allowsyou quiet time whether you decide to take a walk, go temple hopping or decide togaze over a glass-like lake. Nepal has so much beauty in its surroundings and always gives you that serene feeling anywhere you are in Nepal.      

  1. Great for family adventures

Nepal is a great place for families to goon adventures. In Nepal, you don’t have to worry about your kids giving you a tough time because there are a million and one activities readily waiting to keep them busy all day long in Nepal. A plus side t this is that you get to expose your kids to a new way of life, new cultures and religions at a very young age, which only expands their knowledge and makes them understand that there’s more to life than the way of life that they are used to. I bet you they will not forget this trip for the rest of their lives.

  1. Nepalese Cuisine

If you go to Nepal and yu decide that you don’t want to try out the adventures, please make sure you don’t miss out on the Nepalese cuisine! It is absolutely fantastic. Their cuisine is a representation of all the various ethnicities and backgrounds coming together to create a great meal. They have one of the healthiest foods in South East Asia. Their recipe is sometimes influenced by their neighboring countries, India and China but they also have their recipes and the mixture is just to die for. The must-try meals are Dhai bat (BOILED RICE WITH VEGETABLES, LENTIL OR CHICKEN CURRY WITH PICKLES AND ROTI BREAD) and momo, which is Nepal’s form of dumplings. 

  1. Get to know the Buddha’s birthplace

The great Buddha, also called Siddhartha Gautama, was born in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lumbiniaround 563 BC. At this spot, there are prayer flags, ancient stupas and a congregation of monks that signify that it is an holy ground. It is a great pilgrimage site for Buddhists all over the world, especially the Maya Davi Temple, where Queen Maya Davi gave birth.   

  1. Learn the culture of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, can be described as a cultural hub. If you’re in Nepal and you don’t get to visit Kathmandu, your trip isn’t just complete. This is essentially where the fun in Nepal is located. This is the only place in Nepal where the serenity is on hold. Here, there are many people doing many things. It is like the meeting point of the Nepalese people. It is a very unique part of Nepal. In Kathmandu, you need to visit the Dubar Square where the kings of the old days were crowned and legitimized. This place has been in existence since the third century and is surrounded by temples and courtyards. 

  1. It is safe

Nepal is pretty much a safe place to visit. There are people who will always look out foryou out of their goodness of heart. Crime rate in Nepal is minimal for travelers and it is pretty much stable when it comes to political matters. Apart from things like being aware, as you would be anywhere else, and avoiding drinking tap water, you are very much in a safe haven. Regardless of the difficult hikes, the paths are pretty much clear and there are guides on standby all the time.

  1. The number of World Heritage Sites 

In Kathmandu Valley, there are up to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are also some in Chitwan National Park and Lumbini. Nepal is a great place to go if youhave the plan to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage site as you want. You’ll definitely be impressed by what you find.

  1. It is affordable

Nepal is very affordable. The hotel rooms go at a price less than $20, guesthouses at as little a price as $5, $10 for your meal in whole day and little expenses on experiences and activities. There are certainly more places and foods that go at an expensive price but it is definitely not something an average earner cannot afford. Money is absolutely not a problem when planning for your trip to Nepal.  


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