Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nunavut

Nunavut is the cradle of Inuit culture, so it’s the best place from where to absorb its essence. Visitors to the area become witnesses of their own inner transformation thanks to the effect of nature at the deepest levels of consciousness. There are plenty of reasons to come to the ends of the earth to enjoy the delights of the north area of Canada. Would you like to discover them?

Come to Nunavut and enjoy the peacefulness of nature

# 1 – Polar bear safari

Watching a seven-hundred-kilo bear in action is a gift nature gives us when we are in Nunavut. This is a magnificent and dangerous animal that has a close approach with Inuit communities during the autumn. The safaris are thought for families and travellers visiting the Arctic for the first time. When one of these representatives of wildlife is at a stone’s throw from you, I can swear you will even forget your name.

# 2 –Northern lights and Midnight sun

The Arctic has a compulsory invitation that anyone is willing to refuse: lying on the snow while the bright slats of the northern lights dance upon you. If your visit is between October and February, you may expect to barely have four hours of daylight. In order to compensate for this scarcity of light, Nunavut offers you the red, green and blue rays that everyone longs for seeing at least once in a lifetime. Now if your trip has been programmed to be there in summer, you can enjoy the Midnight sun, which is a phenomenon that makes the days last for twenty one hours.

# 3 – The regions

There are plenty of regions in Nunavut. The main ones are the Kivalliq Region, the Qikiqtaaluk Region and the Kitikmeot Region. All of them are fantastic and have their own personality. I particularly loved Ktikmeot since the wildlife seen there has no is unmatched. Caribous, wolves, grizzly bears, muskox and the best selection of migratory birds print liveliness and sound in the landscape. And that is only if you look at the land, because the waters offer the best view of whales and belugas you can imagine.

# 4 – The Great Trail

Either if you prefer walking or having a dogsled trip across the Canadian snowy fields, this trail has a proposal for you. Of course you also have the skiing option. What is amazing about this trail is that you can walk along regions such as New Scotland, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

# 5 – Cambridge Bay

This is the liveliest point of Nunavut. The village is equipped with a lot of restaurants and cafés. I could see a growing community there and I think it will be a major tourist attraction very soon. This is the perfect place where to try the traditional dishes of the area. My favourites were Kuugaq Café and Saxifrage. At Kuugaq there are some gluten free options that are an authentic gastronomic trip for your senses. The atmosphere is quite cold because the decoration is not the best in my opinion, but when you are seeking good food, this is the place.


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