TV reporter records UFO over Kazakhstan

There has been multiple sightings of UFO’s Almata, Kazakhstan. In the following clip, there is a guy who takes his time showing where the UFO is above him, demonstrating that it’s been there for a while, and there is no rush to film the UFO. Later in the video, a legitimate news broadcast from there (link: is talking about the UFO behind her, almost casually.

The report reads:

Internet awash with clips of UFOs in the skies over Almaty...

Spring aggravation. In Kazakhstan the Internet one by one began to emerge videos alien visitors. And most of all, the unidentified objects eyewitnesses saw it in Almaty, which is now already in the midst of seysmovnimaniya. Is there in the universe is another life, try to find Medeubaeva Zaire.

UFO over the skies of Almaty. Now it is a video discussing the thousands of users Kaznet. An eyewitness of the spectacular pictures, allegedly, accidentally observed an unidentified object and immediately took him on amateur camera. According to him, plate diameter 5 meters stayed there in the air for two minutes. An eyewitness says that apart from him, an alien object seen several other people.

Kazakhstan ufologists assured – Arrivals proven cases of alien beings in the world have not yet registered. A spectacular surge in online video resource – it’s just computer graphics or special effects amateur cameras.

Sergey Efimov, UFOlogy:

- There are reports in which people talk about flying saucers, even about his encounters with humanoids. But it’s not provable! Well, there was still such that the flying saucer of the village, for example, the White House, or on the center square of Astana and Almaty.

Often the alleged extraterrestrial objects confused with the fall of the aircraft, with the stars, with trials of new equipment at the site or launching rockets, like, this is a spectacular video. He too was widely seen as a UFO, later turned out – the usual launch from Baikonur. Therefore, local ufologists are advised to treat these unusual pictures online with irony, but not to lose hope that there is another life.

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