Iarga: Our Nearest Extraterrestrial Neighbour?

Reportedly just 10 light years distant from us is a planet 2 ½ times the size of Earth. Living there is a population that Dutch chronicler “Stefan Denaerde” was told has already visited our planet. “Denaerde” is a pseudonym used by a tall, photo-identified Dutch businessman whose wife and family waited in a yacht and watched while he entered an alien disk floating in coastal waters near The Hague during the 1960's. While the yacht was magnetically anchored to the disk’s surface, Denaerde was allowed two days of face-to-face briefings. Denaerde's vivid, beautifully illustrated account, "Contact with Iarga," is free to read on the web. It has an internally consistent plausibility that's rare among stories about aliens.

Because Iarga is reportedly more than twice the size of Earth it has slightly stronger gravity. Iarga has big oceans, plant and animal life. Although it’s larger than Earth, the total area of Iarga’s 12 large islands is roughly equal to the area of Australia. Its atmosphere is always cloudy, and, when seen from space, where sunlight penetrates close to the surface there are patches of pinkish color. As a result, Iargans can’t see stars or their moon from ground level (so the first orbiting telescopes must have revolutionized their outlook). Iargans refer to Earth as the blue planet with “blinding light.”

And what do our nearest known native, naturally evolved neighbours on Iarga reportedly look like? They’re bipedal, slightly shorter than humans and have a thick mid-frame, longer arms, and fast reflexes that allow them to survive 3-foot falls that could have the same impact as a 4 foot or higher fall on Earth (depending on Iarga’s mass/diameter ratio). Their ears are peaked and sit higher on the head, and the jaw/nose section sticks further out than a human’s. They have a slight bony ridge across the top of the head and teeth that form a solid row. They reportedly evolved from an amphibian precursor, so they have partly-webbed skin between fingers and toes that allows them to swim with fast, powerful strokes. They were polite with Denaerde, who was astonished to see the emotional subtleties of educated, mind-communicating aliens.

More importantly, Iarga is an equalitarian society where everyone works just a few hours per day. To quote Denaerde, Iargans said they have “an economic plan aimed at efficiently satisfying (their) needs so that (they) are released from the tyranny of material things over daily life. In other words, if everyone has everything at his or her disposal, then the acquisition of material goods is no longer of paramount importance. This can only be achieved by providing ‘equal shares for everyone;’ otherwise envy will always exist. The culture then becomes more or less stable.” When asked how they calculate the cost of natural resources, they said, “In a society where personal ownership did not exist, natural resources were, in principle, free.” Iargans think human advertising is “a despicable form of propaganda which is ethically unacceptable. In a socially stable society” they have “not only freedom of speech, but, even more important, freedom of thought.” Iargans said that on Earth advertising repeats one-sided information, damages the freedom of thought, and that’s “unacceptable discrimination.”

Freed of the animal-like greed and hoarding seen on Earth, Iargans share mind communications and often hug each other tenderly. Iargans said, “Earthly Marxism makes the fault of thinking that all people are good, and that only their social and economic situation makes them ‘bad;’ change their situation and the problem is solved. If only this were true. Every intelligent race is dualistic, and as absolute necessity, contains an extremely evil consciousness component that now and again comes to the surface in the form of lies, deceit, sadism, homicide, etc.” It’s an interesting distinction.

Iargans reportedly use disk-shaped flight craft containing counter-rotating metal/magnetic plates and electronics that counteract gravity. They told Denaerde they think jet flight is bad because it can only be used by a rich minority. For that reason, Iargans do long distance travel on fast, magnetically elevated trains that cross oceans on bridges anchored by submerged floats that dampen the effect of waves and tides. Iargans reproduce sexually but it’s said to be a subdued sexuality like that of dolphins. A slender membrane emerges from the male, whose body is so similar to a female that females reportedly shower in glass-enclosed stalls their neighbours can see into.

So, if Denaerde is correct, our nearest, native neighbours are literate, technologically evolved, and, like all known aliens, equalitarian. They probably aren’t much older as a population than we are. Iarga’s distant past was reportedly like that of humankind: repression, conflict, and waste of resources. Like other alien worlds, Iarga shows that the most important achievements of an evolving world are social equality and a sustainable ecology. The highest-level aliens on Iarga only receive a double allotment, compared to the lowest. *Iargans suggested that humans don’t have to advocate violence and destruction in order to achieve equality. Instead, they suggest we simply raise the living standard of all who suffer.

A later section of Denaerde’s book suggests that in early industrial days, Iargans did great damage to their planet, possibly by too direct a military use of gravitic energies (also known as zero point energy or scalar electromagnetism). It may be that greedy competition between those 12 separate islands resulted in misuse of “scalar electromagnetic” power and weapons technologies, which could be what caused the “great fire” in their skies that Iargans referred to. It reportedly killed all birds and many of their planet’s life forms. It helps to remember that unless gravitic technologies are reserved for limited uses only, they can pull dangerous solar flares out that harm a planet. That happens because crude manipulation of gravitics resonates into a cycle that ties a planet to its star. For example, in his video, Keys to Utopia, James Gilliland features an energy researcher who operates a simple device made of counter-rotating flywheels (and possibly magnets), which puts out more energy than goes into it. The researcher said that when he used a larger version of the device there was a problem: the device lifted up off of the table, so the researcher grabbed it. But the device flew up, breaking his arm, then smashed through ceiling and roof, and, the last he saw of it, it was headed straight for the sun at 7000 miles per hour. Why? It tapped too directly into the gravity between Sun and Earth. Unless such energy use is configured so that it’s counterbalanced by a larger, finer counter-stream within deep space (which can, nonetheless, slightly speed time and energy cycles in that space, according to researcher Tom Bearden's equations), early use of such technologies can ruin a planet, as reportedly happened to grays, so-called “Haven” aliens, and many others.

To read more about Iarga and see the illustrations, see: http://www.galactic-server.com/rune/iarga.html


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