Extraterrestrial War of the 1930’s reveals Jewish holocaust true masterminds

Video: Nazi Fuhrer character wakes-up out of mind-control state (Star Trek, 1969).


As Jews, and more importantly, as humans beings, it is vital that we begin to wake-up to the apparent fact that we have been duped. Evidence suggests that the so-called “masterminds” of the Jewish Holocaust presented to the world during the Nuremberg Trials were little more than operatives. It seems that we Jews “caught” the equivalent of local drug dealers who create chaos on the street in behalf of organized crime syndicates.

You might ask, how can we be so sure? This is just plain common sense, with the support of the investigative insights of researchers like Richard M. Dolan, David Icke, and Dr. Michael Salla. Does concluding that adding two plus two equals four mean that you are a conspiracy theorists? If you elect to be close minded, don’t bother waste you time reading the rest of this,

When law enforcement catches what they believe is the criminal mastermind of a crime spree, only to see the very same crime spree continue with the suspects in hand, what can they reasonably conclude? These law enforcement officers can reasonably conclude that they do not have the criminal masterminds at hand, and that the criminal masterminds are at large, continuing to send out operatives to conduct their criminal activity.

Richard M. Dolan and other investigative researchers present striking similarities between 9/11, and the execution the of the Reichstag Fire. Furthermore, the style of warfare that is being used in the Middle East further resembles Nazi blitzkreig techniques. Elite allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq, which was used to whip up “the masses” into a war frenzy, was a page out of the Nazi technique of the “Big Lie”, which was also used against Germans. I could go on and on with documenting such similarities as Richard M. Dolan has done.

Such similarities begs the question, why? As Jews, and as human beings, who suffered a Holocaust in World War II, we can reasonably conclude that the same Nazi clique which plotted the Jewish Holocaust, and the broader Nazi war crimes associated with World War II have sought to re-launch themselves through 9/11, and the so-called War on Terror.

It is apparent that the Nazis based in the Anglo-American Empire (watch David Icke's video below) perpetrated the Jewish Holocaust, so that they could create an eventual “narrative” in their long term plans for a New World Order in the aftermath of a now near future planned World War III in 2012. What is this narrative, you might ask? This apparent narrative pivots the “angry Zionist” who creates an Israeli state which launches a crusade against the “evil Muslims” and other groups like the Iranians, which causes the outbreak of World War III.

As Jews, we are being framed by apparent Nazis who are conducting activities in our name, which are against the peaceful desires of Jewish communities in Israel and throughout the world. A Zionist is a Nazi; not a Jew. A Nazi agenda is apparent not only among the so-called Zionists, but also prevalent in the operation of religious fundamentalist organizations from Christianity to Judaism to Islam, and other elite-driven organizations.

It was Dr. Michael Salla who indicated that elites “hide truth in plain sight” about alien-related activities on Earth . Dr. John Lash in met history.org documents that the ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to elite driven organizations on Earth as being parasitized by interdimensional alien entities referred to as the “archons”. In the news, it is apparent that the archons present fiction, ie. Propaganda, as news, and in fiction (and science fiction, in particular), the archons apparently present news. This is based on Dr. Salla’s insights on elites “hiding truth in plain sight”. One poignant apparent example of this is Jesse Ventura’s investigative report on murals at Denver International Airport as foreshadowing World War III plans.

If that is the case, the Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek episode “Patterns of Force” [video clip above] may present to us the key insight on Adolf Hilter, and the Nuremberg Trials. In that episode, the character John Gill was a pseudo-Adolf Hitler mind-controlled operative. The character John Gill became the mind-controlled charismatic face of scientific experiment which produced a robotoid controlled by a backroom syndicate.

Did that Star Trek episode seek to present to those who are “smart enough” that Nazi Germany was led by mind controlled operatives? But how could this be so? Wasn’t Nazi Germany founded by Adolf Hilter, and a group of his German Nazi disciples? Wrong. Look at David Icke’s video below. Nazism was apparently fostered by elites in the U.K. and the U.S. who bankrolled Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler, and the Jewish Holocaust was made possible by the support of an Anglo-American axis.

How did this happen? Alex Collier, is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials, whose testimony appears to shed light on the similarities between 9/11 and the War on Terror. Alex Collier suggests that Nazi scientists used the stargate technology they developed to contact and forge an alliance with lower dimensional demonic alien entities. This alleged contact spawned a Nazi-alien “archon” alliance that pursued a war against humanity through time travel. Apparently, a Nazi alien alliance has sought to manipulate Earthbound human history through temporal interference which resulted in wars of oppression on Earth.

When the Nazi-alien alliance based upon Alex Collier’s insights travelled trough time, they apparently created the kind of mind-controlled operatives depicted the Star Trek episode “Patterns of Force” from “vessels like Adolf Hilter, to other vessels like Osama bin Laden. We Jews were made to think that justice was done in the Nuremberg Trials when, based upon the insights of investigative researchers and a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials like Alex Collier, this was not the case.

It is further notable that Adolf Hilter was never captured.

Based upon Alex Collier’s insights, the masterminding Nazi scientists and intelligentsia who manifested an Extraterrestrial War against humanity, and which continue to oppress humanity (have been apparently wiped from popular human consciousness as a result of time-travel manipulations) were the ones responsible for the Jewish Holocaust. It appears that an international syndicate of extremists who are controlled by the real Nazi masterminds of the Jewish Holocaust, now pursue a “sequel” which blames Jews for World War III.

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