Manipulative Extraterrestrials: The Male God spawns archons to vanquish the Female God-Energy of Humans


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Organized religion is constructed by getting followers to accept doctrines and practices which often require suspending critical thinking. What type of “God” that supposedly ‘created’ humans, would then want those humans that “He” created to ignore their own faculties of critical judgement?

Based on ancient Pagan Gnostic insights, such a “God” could not have created humans. The “God” which as organized religions profess, that created humans, must not have “created humans” at all.

And, if humans, and other biological life forms on our planet Earth are birthed from mothers, how could a God with a male identity possibly have “created” humanity specifically, and the Earth?

We can easily solve these quandaries based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic and indigenous insights. The Male God, was apparently orchestrated by an alien artificial life form referred to Pagan Gnostics as the “Demiurge”. Apparently, a Male God was mathematically constructed to “neutralize” the Female God-energy that the Demiurge viewed humans as having.

Based upon the insights of indigenous elders which notably include African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, humans had once existed as higher dimensional spiritual beings that physically existed at an androgynous state. That is to say, humans had a highly evolved pan-sexual identity, where sexuality was open, and expressive. Cosmic humans were highly sexual beings in which sex was part of embracing a spiritual union with a higher dimensional states of beings associated with peace, empathy and love.

The Demiurge perceived cosmic humans as having a ‘Female God energy‘. The ancient Pagan Gnostic referred to that God energy as the “Divine Feminine“. Indigenous people refer to that energy through the concept of Mother Earth, and which the ancient Pagan Gnostic refer to the Aeon “Sophia”.

The Demiurge pursued a cosmic war against humans in the name of its contrived “Male God” which expressed the ego-driven patriarchal domination of the Demiurge. The male sex in humanity was apparently a product of an Interdimensional War.

In this reported Interdimensional War, the Demiurge spawned archons to genetically manipulate a male sex that could express the characteristics of a contrived Male God. This includes chauvinism, sexism, and other aspects of human brutality which are expressed through oppressive male-dominated institutions.

Ever since that act, the Demiurge has sought to perpetuate wars on Earth, that are parasitized by the Demiurge. Through wars, the Demiurge parasitizes the generated human negative energy, while oppressing the vital Divine Feminine energy, that is the basis of who we are as humans.

The Demiurge apparently created cloned prototypes to rule over humanity, in order to perpetuate the oppressive “male energy” of the Demiurge. The Bible refers to these entities as “Adam” and “Eve”. Based upon investigative researchers which include David Icke, ruling elites “bloodlines” on Earth all trace their ancestry to these alien clones.

Based upon David Icke’s interviewing of African Elder Credo Mutwa, re-embracing of Divine Feminine energy is vital to our re-affirming our custodianship of Mother Earth, and our rejection of the alien “Male God” construct of the Demiurge, and the archons it has planted to exploit humanity.

It is apparent that the Male God is part of an apocalyptical agenda which is scripted the Bible and other religious texts by the Demiurge. The quicker that we, as humans, can re-embrace our existential origins in the “Divine Feminine” is the quicker that we, as humans can free ourselves from the “False Reality Complex” described by Laura Magdalene Eisenhower [please see above video].

The False Reality Complex is a mental frame of mind, which the Demiurge has apparently sought to implant in humanity, to undermine human ability to liberate ourselves from the a path of mental slavery and destructiveness.

The Divine Feminine is a creative energy. In contrast, the Male God as expressed through the Demiurge is a destroyer that views biological life forms as an energy source to be consumed and eventually vanquished.

[The paternalistic artificial life form “wannabe God character “Landru” in the Star Trek episode below helps depict the alien Male “wannabe God“ as described by the ancient Pagan Gnostics].

When we, as humans, read in history, about elites that are seeking to execute wars and other oppressive activities on Earth in the name of “God”, these elites apparently mean the Demiurge, which Pagan Gnostics referred to as a psychopathic “wanna-be” God. The Demiurge apparently sought archons to orchestrate competing monotheistic organized religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam toward a divide, rule and conquest agenda.

World War III is apparently inscribed by the Bible’s as a near future scenario which the Demiurge seeks to execute through archons, so that the Demiurge can “play God” as the judger of “bad humans”. But World War III, in actuality, is apparently a scenario that is being plotted by the Demiurge itself, (and its archons), in order to convince “humans“ that they require a Male God’s heavy hand through a One World government totalitarian New World Order.

Our human re-embracing of the Divine Feminine or Gaia energy apparently is vital to the ability of humanity to re-establish the balance of this planet, which the Demiurge seeks to destroy through a “Male God template“. This Male God Template forms the basis of religious, political, economic systems on Earth, which are now resulting in destructiveness.



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