Extraterrestrials: Great Pyramids foreshadow destruction humanity must avoid

Were Pyramids on Earth constructed by regressive aliens which foreshadow a hostile agenda against humans on Earth? Should we, as humans, be concerned about the identity of the architects of the Great Pyramids?

“I cannot confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world.”

The quote caused a flurry of conversation around the world and many UFO enthusiasts and alien watchers took note—especially since Professor Dr. Alaaeldin Shaheen was presumably next in line to become Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, a powerful and prestigious post that oversees the protection and research activity of every historical site that spans the ancient Egyptian dynasties.

Under pressure, this quote was later denied by Shaheen under pressure. However, the denial becomes suspect when considering that other attendees at the conference state Dr. Shaheen did address the idea of “outside assistance” to ancient Egypt. And a Polish delegate attending the conference named Marek Nowak of the Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland did ask a follow-up question about the possibility of the Great Pyramid containing the remains of an alien technology.

Were the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and other similar edifices around the world conceived and built entirely by humans? Some researchers say, yes, of course [above video]. Other investigative researchers say “no”, and that aliens did not have a hand. So, who is right?

We can very easily clear up this debate by looking at the irrefutable evidence that replicas of the Great Pyramids on Earth are also on Earths’ Moon and Mars. The Pyramids on Earth therefore cannot be a terrestrial creation of Earthbound humans. Pyramids on Earth therefore must have some kind of alien origins from outside of this world.


Secondly, Pyramids on Earth’s Moon and Mars suggest that Earth’s Moon and Mars once had populated surfaces. What happened to the populations which must have been associated with Pyramids on Earth’s Moon and Mars? As humans, we see that the Great Pyramids on both the Earth’s Moon and Mars are associated with surfaces subjected to massive environmental destruction. Some kind of destruction apparently rendered the surfaces inhospitable to those who had formerly populated the surfaces.

So what, you might ask? Well, if the Great Pyramids are built by humans, then why are these edifices not treated in a similar manner to the archaeological sites of many indigenous communities around the world. Why are the Great Pyramids treated with the secrecy which normally shrouds military activities? Why are the presence of Pyramids outside of Earth subject to dissembling? Why don’t learned researchers around the world have the same free access which is granted to the same researchers toexcavate various archaeological sites around the world?


Is it possible that the Great Pyramids on Earth foreshadow an interrelated alien agenda which will lead to depopulation on Earth’s surface?

It was Dr. Michael Salla who suggested that the operatives of regressive aliens “hide truth in plain sight” through such instruments as diverse science fiction on television and also in movies.

If that is the case, could the Star Trek in the below video seek to provide humans with a clue of what the Great Pyramids represent?

In the Star Trek episode “Landru“, the Star Trek crew landed on a planet. The inhabitants on the planet all seemed to be acting like zombies under some kind of mass mind control, and under watchful eye of the ‘archons’.

According to ancient Pagan Gnostics, the archons are sometimes human appearing artificial life forms on Earth, which operate in behalf of Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

With the edifice of an alien building, the Star Trek crew found a massive alien supercomputer which was designed to control inhabitants on the planet. It is only after the Star Trek crew destroyed the alien supercomputer that the planet’s inhabitants could critically think for themselves.

Did Gene Roddenbery’s Star Trek seek to provide a clue that humans have been subjected to some kind of Landru like alien supercomputer, and that the archons on Earth seek to carry out a regressive alien agenda against human sovereignty, which will lead to Earth’s eventually resembling Mars?

Are we, as humans, being subjected to an alien directed mind control which is disrupting our human spiritual interconnectedness, which is vital to our capability to our sensibilities to begin to act immediately in defence of Mother Earth?

Please note: In the video below, the character Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek presents himself as an ‘archon’ to Landru -- the alien God artificial life form projected by an alien supercomputer in a room decorated by Pyramidal shapes. Landru seems to coincide with what the ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as the Demiurge -- a demonic alien wannabe God which seeks to control and oppress life forms. Do similar alien supercomputers of the Demiurge exist on Earth toward a similar mind control agenda?


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