Alien Agenda: Human Resources objectifies Work and Labour

Was the term "human resources" implanted by ‘archon’ operatives into the 'human vocabulary'? The intent of the term "human resources" is to objectify labour. "Once upon a time", the hiring and labour-related departments of organizations were referred to as "departments of personnel".

The term human resources complements an alien agenda. Once we, as humans, begin to view our fellow humans as simply "resources", rather than as fellow human beings with a mind, body, and spirit which connects us to each other, an alien take-over will be much easier. Human resources expresses the ideology of “divide, rule and conquer” which the archons have sought to practice against humanity.

Archons view humans to be "resources" and by getting us to think of each other as "resources" the demonic aliens which the ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as 'archons' seek to assimilate us, as humans, to "their way of thinking" which can facilitate a "New World Order'.

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