UFOs captured over Mexican Volcano

October 11th was a bust day for UFOs over Mexico.  Besides the Giant Jellyfish spotted over Tijuana, not one, but two UFOs were caught on national television.  Scott Waring who compiles UFO Sightings Daily, documents that what began as a routine news report on the eruption of the Popocatepeti Volcano, bordering the states of Puebla and Morelos, not far from Mexico City, turned into a field day for UFO spotters. 

UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan

Photographs broadcast during the news program show globe-shaped objects at different points in the sky above the volcano. To many viewers, they may have seemed no more than debris flying heavenward, part of the molten rock being spewed out by an angry volcano.  But volcano watchers and ufologists will tell you that this is by no means the first time that these glowing globes have been spotted above this particular volcano, which is the second highest peak in Mexico.

The anchor for the news that day, Lopez Doriga, remains baffled by this sighting, saying, “This is the first time in my long career covering the news that I have seen something that I could not explain.  I just cannot say what they were, but they should not have been there.”

Yet UFOs been seen to fly in and out of volcanos, not just this one, especially during high volcanic activity. There have been over 100 UFO sightings over the last three years at Popocatepeti, also known as the Smoking Mountain.This is an extraordinary number of sightings in one location.  As such it needs an extraordinary explanation. 

Sceptics will explain this away by saying that Popocatepeti is a highly active volcano, and as such much material is emitted during an eruption.  Many of these can look like flying objects.  The sceptics will say that they are clearly identifiable as volcanic emissions.  But there is a group of hard core UFO reseachers who think differently. 

“The sheer number of sightings above this – and other volcanoes – has to mean something,” said Scott Waring is the editor of UFO Sightings Daily. 

It would seem that there is a great attraction between a certain type of UFO and the environment of a live volcano.”  It is hard to speculate what alien creatures are so attracted to the heat and sulphur of the volcanic atmosphere. But  Mr. Waring is adamant.  “Clearly there has to be an alien base hidden below it, otherwise there would be little reason for so many UFOs to be seen in such a short time,” he asserts.  He may be right.

The late Bill Uhouse [video below] testified that regressive alien subterrestrials who a militarist agenda have bases underground.  This claim has been further supported by David Icke, who links Archons to Moon activities.


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