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UFO: Seattle Tunnel Drill Uncovers Possible Alien Activities

December 2013 marked a very unforgettable day for the people of Seattle. As reported by UFO Sightings Daily on December 24, 2013, Bertha, a huge tunnel boring machine was already digging down in the native glacial soil when it suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Project manager Chris Dixon, did not expect that this colossal machine would hit anything with the depth of the digging they were already at.

"Well theoretically, we're down in the native soils, we're below the zones that they fill. We're not expecting to find artifacts or railroad locomotives or ships or something like that down there".

Many speculated that Big Bertha could have hit the side walls of one of the many alien bases on Earth.

Feliks Banel, Seattle's historian elaborated on the history of the place 100 years ago. As a working waterfront, the object could be a part of a locomotive or a part of an old ship. However, he also did not discount the possibility of the presence of UFOs and extra-terrestrial activities.

"Maybe it's some ancient artifact, maybe there is an ancient civilization here that goes way back that nobody's even considered."

Feliks Banel is hoping that whatever it is that is stopping Bertha, it would be something cool. UFO Sightings Daily is coordinated by Scott C. Waring who had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base and is currently an ESL teacher and UFOlogist who lives in Taiwan.

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