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UFO spooks Chilean city

A UFO sighting story which occurred in Tarapaca region, Chile is being covered up from the general public. This incident which had occurred in November 2015 couldn’t be hidden from the civilians of a Chilean city. But this flying object is declared as an image of a mere clock by the Chile city government officials.

“It seems to me if the Chile military told the city officials to cover it up, they would.”  Says Scott C. Waring from www.ufosightingsdaily.com. He further states that it has the possibility of being either a clock as said by the government, a HARRP experiment or even a cover up of a UFO sighting.

“The sky above the city of Iquique in Northern Chile's Tarapaca Region was suddenly adorned with a blue light circle earlier this week” mentions UFO Sightings Daily website.

According to the citizens of the Chilean city who witnessed the incident, they had been very much shocked to see a circle of light float above them in the dark, night sky. As we all would do as the first step after such an incident, the people has decided to take the image to social media to get help from people to identify what this mystery lighted object is. The civilians sought the help of many social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get closer to the answer they desired. Many number of images and videos were uploaded.

The government was quick to reveal to the citizens about what exactly had happened in their defense. The explanation said that the light on the sky had been a part of a test they conducted on a new project. This project was said to be a public clock for the city which can project the accurate time on the sky. The authorities also took action to inform the necessary media personnel such as Soy Chile, a national newspaper of Chile about this clock which was said to be still in the testing phase. They also said that the local city authorities have already nearly finished the construction of the clock but they did not give out a confirmation when it’ll be put to be used.

Although this story has a chance of being true there is a highly likely chance that the government has identified the incident as a UFO sighting and is trying to cover it up from the citizens of the area.




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