Aliens: Helicopters Accompany UFO Activity in Rhode Island

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Sightings report - 2015-11-02 - 6:20PM

(MUFON) -- Driving on route 2 in Exeter RI at about 6:15 pm. Sky was dark but visible. Car radio began to lose reception. Suddenly a large dark object appeared to slowly hover across the road then ascend very quickly. Within seconds object was out of sight. The object was large and quiet with no lights and a unique advanced look to it. It moved slowly above the road then Ascended out of sight. The craft was not a typical saucer or triangle.. My mood or feelings did not change I couldn't comprehend immediately what I was seeing and as I tried to follow the object it quickly disappeared. I have never experienced or witnessed such an event in my life. About 25 minutes later helicopters were headed in the direction that I viewed the craft. Low flying helicopters have been seen recently before to this event . Helicopter activity has increased in recent months. This was not a helicopter.


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