Alien Home Invasion: North Dakota Witness Records Entity

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In the following MUFON report, a witness video recorded a regressive alien home invasion.  Are elites on our planet Earth covering-up experiments that are being conducted against humans?  Dr. Michael Salla has suggested that human elites and aliens have contractual Agreements with one another that has approved such alien intrusions in exchange for commercially profitable technology.

Date of event: 2016-01-06 - 10:36PM
Place: Minot, North Dakota, USA

(MUFON) In one room of our new home my husband, two daughters female Great Dane and cat were asleep. My eldest daughter and I woke up at the same time --kind of like DING up in bed. because our two male dogs were howling. We get up and found it odd that the Great Dane did not even flinch at us getting out of bed and that my husband and other daughter were sound asleep.

We make our way to the kitchen - I told my daughter my left ear felt funny - like a pain but more like a beeping -screeching pain - almost like music is too loud but there is no music. I observe that the microwave says it is 10:36 pm. I turn to my daughter and say ... hmm that's funny I feel really well rested for only 30 min or so of sleep. We proceeded to the laundry room/garage entrance where our male dogs are still howling. I enter first (but my daughter swears she did) I see the my Pyrenees at the bottom of the stairs to the ground floor howling at the door and my lab making his way up to us. The minute the pyrenees sees me - he stops howling and comes to me. (my daughter says she remembers opening the door and seeing both dogs in the laundry room wagging their tails ) I then don't remember what happened with the dogs. Did I let them come with me to the bedroom - did I let them freely roam the house . I don't remember - I remember going around my living room - and looking out every single window - and thinking WOW it is really bright outside and a creepy dense fog was present. Really dense fog - like I could see it inches away from my windows 360 of my house like a blanket.

Next thing I remember I am in bed. Have no recollection of sleeping so I thought i was just laying there. It is actually really confusing. My RIGHT ear hurt - it hurt as if someone had penetrated my ear with a hot rod. There was dried blood in the lobe and I quickly tended to it like a normal earache. At the time I "woke up" I was crying in pain - but at the same time my daughter next to me was like "Some one was in the room - they were holding me down - they were holding me down"

I seem to remember that I was lying on my side with my back to her but I was extending my hand awkwardly behind myself to reach out and pet her? Then I also suddenly remembered that my other daughter had asked me questions but she was asleep? The timeline was off. - I didn't remember much of anything in order.

Just a couple of days ago - I called the security company because I was waiting to see when someone would come out to fix my security camera that burnt out THAT evening. Turns out my doorbell camera is burnt out too.

As I was complaining actually taking the time to troubleshoot the cameras I noticed the last video recorded. The indoor security camera was fried that night and recorded ---Whatever it is -- it has large arms. The light switch on the wall is 7.5 inches from the door way!

This is way too close to home - actually seeing something in your house is the scariest of all!!


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