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Arkansas Witness Details Low Flying UFO

A witness at Lonsdale town, Arkansas has reported watching a low flying object with bright lights and windows. The witness was westbound along Highway 70, about one and half mile past the 70 and 128 junction at 10 p.m. on July 2, 2016. This is according to the testimony in case 77398 from the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, witness reporting database.

The witness said that his head was clear, so was the weather which was warm and dry when the incident occurred. He was riding home on his motorcycle when he first noticed flashing lights which appeared to be travelling diagonally across his line of sight to the southwest.  He however, mistook it for an aircraft but was quick to realize that it was nothing like the aircrafts or blimps he had encountered.

“However, I quickly realized the ‘navigation lights’ were unlike anything I had ever seen on any aircraft. My next thought was that due to its apparent low speed and height (my impression) that it could be a blimp. However, it didn’t have a traditional navigation light pattern. ”

He went on to add that the lights flashed in different sequences, though he could only see the side that was facing him. As for the ‘windows’ or ‘light panels’, they maintained a steady white glow with a bluish tinge. They appeared to be the same size and distance apart, taking up approximately one-third of the visible structure.

Arkansas MUFON is investigating on the matter as there can be more explanation to it rather than the obvious.


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