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Bright UFO Splits In Two Over Chardon, Ohio

Date: 07 October, 2018.

Place: Chardon, Ohio State, United States.

Early this month, on 07 October, a very unusual incident was witnessed in the small city of Chardon, Ohio, United States.

According to an anonymous report originally published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database and quoted by renowned UFO researcher Scott C. Waring, a local resident claimed to have seen a strange light moving slowly across the sky.

“My daughter and I were driving to the store. Suddenly, we both noticed a light in the sky ahead of us, and it looked like it was descending”, the witness stated. “I thought that maybe a plane was crashing, since I saw the light descending and then a black piece coming off”, he added.

The Ohio resident said he was deeply impressed by what he had just seen. He decided to stop driving to have a better look of the object. “I said: ‘is that a plane crashing?’ We couldn’t figure out what the orange like light was”, he claimed. “I pulled over and we saw a black piece coming off. I thought maybe an explosion was next and we stopped the car to look. Then the light moved and a trail seemed to follow, but then it hovered”, he affirmed.

“We watched as it began to move again. Then, it stopped and later it emitted a trail. It was very slow. We were bewildered”, the author of the report asserted. “We decided to drive the direction the object took, but then it got lost it in the trees. We were both very confused for quite a while; we kept looking for another half an hour but we found nothing”, he continued.

In the opinion of Mr Waring, this unidentified craft has an extraterrestrial origin. “When an object falls from space with a trail this big, it surely is in world news. However, nothing about this exists except one video by an eyewitness. The object is moving too slow to be a meteor or space junk”, he explained. “The speed is slow and controlled. I don't want to say its aliens... but it's aliens”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2018/10/ufo-descends-from-space-and-then-splits.html


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