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The AI Agenda To Assimilate Humankind In The Name Of

In the last decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gradually become part of our daily lives. Almost every device we use is, in one way or another, related to it. However, in spite of the numerous benefits of AI, there are still some risks we need to be aware of. And one of the most worrying dangers is that, if this trend continues, humans could be “assimilated” by AI.

For example, in a recent article published on renowned online magazine Harvard Business Review, businesswoman and researcher Lauren Golembiewski states that Artificial Intelligence is on the way to “amplify human intelligence”.

“Intelligence amplification is the use of technology to augment human intelligence. And a paradigm shift is on the horizon, where new devices will offer less intrusive, more intuitive ways to amplify our intelligence”, Ms Golembiewski wrote. “While technology on the market today affords humans a multitude of capabilities unavailable to them even just a decade ago, there is still an opportunity for improvement and refinement”, she added.

According to the businesswoman, new devices based on augmented reality and brain signals readers are being developed in order to achieve “highly-personalised experiences”. “AlterEgo is a non-invasive device that’s worn over the ear and along the jawline. The [brain] signals it measures are part of the voluntary nervous system, meaning users must intentionally think of speaking words to trigger the device — a feature that sets it apart from other brain-computer interfaces (BCI) that are capable of receiving signals directly from the brain”, she explained. “Augmented reality devices represent another interesting foray into modern intelligence amplification. Google Glass, smart eyewear that failed in the consumer market, is now being used in enterprise and industrial applications”, she continued.  

Nonetheless, this new technologies could lead, as it was said before, to an assimilation of human intelligence, leaving us completely dependent on AI and our human intelligence becoming atrophied.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://hbr.org/2019/04/how-wearable-ai-will-amplify-human-intelligence?utm_source=pocket-newtab


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