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What Are The Links Between False Memories And The Mandela Effect?

In the last decades, a large number of people have experienced a strange phenomenon called “The Mandela Effect”, which consists in unusual changes in reality –alternate realities- and has been linked to “false memories”.

Now, how could this phenomenon be linked to “false memories”? The answer to this question is provided in a recent article published by researcher and writer Cynthia Sue Larson on her blog Reality Shifters.

In her opinion, the term “false memories” is inaccurate to describe Mandela Effect-related experiences. “The implication of Mandela Effects being ‘false’ is made based on the assumption that whatever events are recorded are defined automatically as being ‘true,’ so therefore people must be mistaken in thinking that they remember specific things that are different from recorded historical facts”, she wrote. “No mention is typically made that a presumption to call Mandela Effects ‘false’ memories assumes a bias in favour of a classical physics view of reality–which is a view of reality that has started to look somewhat shakier recently”, she added.

“Our problem-solving ability relies upon our awareness of distinctions between what “actually” happened and what we ‘expect’, so by observing more about both of these areas, we can learn more about what is going on with Mandela Effects”, the researcher explained. “We can observe details through observation that, for example, we might see groups of people with similar Mandela Effects grouped geographically for something like remembering Nelson Mandela’s death–but other times, we might observe groupings of observers are not based on geography, but instead some other factor”, she continued.

On the other hand, Ms Larson brings up a key element to understand this situation that she calls “quantum jumps”, which is a term based on quantic physics that allegedly causes changes in reality.

“When considering a possible quantum explanation for the Mandela Effect, we can thus consider the way that certain groupings of people divided in different ways (sometimes geographically grouped, sometimes grouped based on occupation) sometimes recall different histories than any current historical factual evidence can be found for–aside from artist’s recollections indicating some such history exists”, Ms Larson asserted. “While critics may point out that such an explanation seems convoluted, the presence of macroscopic quantum jumps actually provides an operational mechanism for such things as the placebo effect, and is more practically aligned with any true physical “theory of everything” thanks to incorporating quantum phenomena (such as macro scale quantum jumps)”, she commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://cynthiasuelarson.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/false-memories-and-mandela-effects/


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