Is the Deep State the ‘Invisible Enemy’ Donald Trump talks about?

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemics, many theories have raised about the future of humanity and the numerous threats it is facing today.

One of these threats is related to an “invisible enemy”, as US President Donald Trump has mentioned. But, what is this “invisible enemy”?

In a very interesting article published on, renowned Australian researcher Dr Michael Salla analysed Mr Trump’s speeches and concluded that he could actually be talking about a joint effort of extraterrestrials and the Deep State to destroy our civilisation.

“While mainstream news outlets claim Trump is merely referring to COVID-19 as the ‘invisible enemy’ that has afflicted the US and the rest of the planet”, Mr Salla states, “what emerges from examining the wider context of his remarks and [US CIA whistleblower] Qanon posts is that the real enemy Trump is alluding to is a Deep State which has a non-human dimension that is behind the ‘plandemic’”, he adds.

In the opinion of the Australian professor, there is a fierce battle between the Trump administration and the Deep State. According to him, members of the world elite have been trying to undermine Trump’s government in order to impose their agenda, which is based on subjugating humans to the extraterrestrial power. “The civil war between the Trump Administration and the Deep State is a battle between those wanting to free humanity from an oppressive group of global controllers that has enslaved humanity through its domination of the mainstream media, and political, financial, cultural and religious institutions for centuries, if not millennia”, he asserts. “[…] in humanity’s far distant past, extraterrestrials directly ruled over humanity, and then installed human-alien hybrids to rule as proxies as described in historical documents such as Sumer’s “King’s List “and Manetho’s chronicle of pre-dynastic Egyptian rulers”, the former Australian National University professor affirms.

“If Trump and White Hats succeed in defeating the Deep State, humanity will have freed itself of an ancient invisible enemy that has manipulated human affairs through contrived global events for centuries if not millennia”, Mr Salla claims. “We are truly living in biblical times, as Archbishop Vigano asserts, where the children of light are locked in a spiritual war against the children of darkness”, he expresses.

Draw your own conclusions…


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