Alien orb appears in front of security camera in Germany

It is a well-known fact that alien entities have been seen in many places, from open fields to bedrooms. However, what happened on 16 July is perhaps one of the strangest alien sightings in the last years.

According to a video posted on YouTube by a German user called Bernd Riegg, an orb-like entity was spotted by a security camera in a 300-year old cellar. The video only lasts 19 seconds, but it shows a bright, grey orb hovering over the stairs and quickly vanishing in the air.

Some cybernauts have reacted with scepticism; nonetheless, others believe this is an interesting sighting. “Couldn't this be a dust particle?”, said user Yd C. “Omg woooow! Get rid of the concrete, maybe there is a surprise underneath”, expressed user CandyforCat.  

In spite of these points of view, there is no doubt something unusual happened in that cellar. And in the opinion of renowned UFO researcher Scott C. Waring, this is a clear proof of extraterrestrial life.

“The eyewitness said he had a quick look at his security cam this morning and noticed it caught an unusual object floating past. An orb was seen floating down the stairs of an old cellar of the house”, he described. “As the object first gets seen at the top of the stairs, it seems very solid and as the object gets closer to the camera we see it turn more transparent”, he continued.

Mr Waring, as an expert in the field, is of the opinion that this could very well be an intelligent alien orb cloaked that could only be seen by using infrared technology. “Human eyes cannot see in infrared, but the camera allows us to see it. Absolutely amazing catch of an entity orb exploring an old home while the owners sleeps”, Mr Waring commented. “100% that orb entities does exist, and they are intelligent”, he claimed.

Draw your own conclusions…


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