Alien orbs scare Virginia resident

The COVID-19 pandemics seems to have exacerbated UFO and alien activity. This time, in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, a very strange incident took place.

According to an anonymous report found on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), online database, a local resident who was taking pictures of the sky was scared by some orbs that he believes are not from this world.

The Virginia resident asserted that the first orb was “large” and “orange”. “I took my DSLR camera outside to test some night shots of the moon right in front of my home in the suburbs, when I noticed an unusually bright and large orange orb hovering in the sky”, he asserted. “As I watched it for about 10 seconds, it shot across the sky faster than I thought was possible”, he continued.

However, the unnamed witness explained that he felt curious about this orb and decided to take better pictures of it. “I immediately ran down the road to try to get a picture of whatever this was. I walked down the road for a bit to lay down on a large patch of open grass so I could get a better view of what was in the sky”, he said.

Nonetheless, this sighting was only the beginning of what ended up becoming a frightening experience. Minutes later, another orb (this time, it was a blue one) showed up. “I laid there for about 5 to 10 minutes or so when another blue light appeared directly above me. It stayed longer this time, maybe 1 or 2 minutes before shooting off in a straight line over my head”, the man affirmed.

“The instant I lost sight of the blue orb, I heard a strange noise come from the trees nearby. It was so startling and unnatural I became quite frightened and was unable to breath or move”, he commented. “It sounded almost like static or electronic-like but also resembled something sentient making the noise”, he claimed.

Finally, the scared witness affirmed that somehow he managed to move again and “run up the street a bit” in order to go back home.

It is clear that these two objects were some not conventional aircraft. However, feel free to draw your own conclusions.


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