What’s Coming for Water Heater Technology in 2018

Posted on 01 May 2018

Water heating technology is changing quickly and we will witness some of the latest trends in water heaters in 2018. As the companies are launching new models of water heaters in the market, they are trying to provide better features for energy saving and better heating in these models. Water heaters are used in almost every home for bathroom or kitchen needs. In recent few years, the technol ...


The Greenest Ways To Get Around Your City

Posted on 30 May 2017

It is no secret that the way we get around, our day to day lives in the city, has a huge impact on our environment. Therefore it is not surprising that most city dwellers are now looking for the best ways to navigate their cities and commute to work, in the most ecologically friendly way. If you’re not sure about the greenest options available to you, for getting about your city, read on fo ...


Green Power Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

Posted on 22 February 2019

Changing to green power sources is something that so many homeowners want at the moment. It is normal to want something like this since the advantages are quite impressive. However, this does not mean that there are no disadvantages that are associated with the use of green power energy. We should take a look at both opportunities, especially now when the technology is more affordable than ev ...


Hire or train? Invest in sustainability training!

Posted on 21 March 2017

On any given day, there are hundreds of job advertisements in Toronto requiring some kind of skill in sustainability. Employers need employees who understand the nuances of and necessary systems approach toward sustainability whether it be to improve efficiencies or combat climate change. What if employers invested in training instead of hiring from outside? They could: Improve effici ...


Lessons from Silicon Valley in Sustainability Reporting

Posted on 10 February 2017

We've all heard how Millennials are purpose driven, favoring companies which model their values – Silicon Valley is rife with Millennials. And so is Canada, with 8.9 million Canadians born between 1981 and 2000. Like Silicon Valley, cities like Toronto are home to start-ups, young companies situated to take advantage of IoT and other sustainability technologies. And, of course, with soc ...


Wheat Grass: The Food Leading The Cancer Fight

Posted on 09 October 2016

Wheatgrass has been actually boring its way as an increasing cure for a variety of ailments including fighting cancer. It actually paves way into cancer cells in an envelope of oxygen which kills cancer cells. According to a study on wheatgrass published in International journal of chemical studies, owing to its pigment, chlorophyll which has a similarity to molecular structure of hemoglobin, ...


Is A Hybrid The Right Choice For You?

Posted on 21 September 2016

You may have been thinking about purchasing a new car, and you’ve heard a lot of buzz around hybrids. Despite being on the market for a while, the hybrid car has yet to pick up the steam that experts expected it to. In fact, there are many people who have no idea what a hybrid is. Let alone whether they would want to buy one. So, let’s start there. What Is A Hybrid? The word hybrid refers to ...


Sterling Volatility Continues to Rise Ahead of the U.K. Brexit Vote

Posted on 18 June 2016

Sterling is under pressure with approximately 2-week to the U.K. referendum vote on whether to stay or go. Volatility in the currency market has surged to a fresh 2-year high with Cable implied volatility testing the 20% level. In general, implied volatility, which is how much the market believes prices will move over the next year, trades near 10%. The quest remains what will actually happe ...


Binary Options Trading Made Easy with 23Traders

Posted on 16 June 2016

The issue of binary options trading is one that has been generating a lot of debate these days. There are people who are in the dark when it comes to binary options. However, the introduction of the awesome 23Traders binary options trading app has been regarded as a move in the right direction when it comes to online trading activities. It is a binary trading platform that was brought i ...


Fireball Seen Screeching Across sky

Posted on 25 December 2015

Tuesday night in the western sky a large fireball was seen screeching across the sky. Thousands of people saw the object curious as to what it was as it was much larger than your common "shooting star" which is a meteoroid as it enters the atmosphere, becoming a meteor. So it wasn't a shooting star, an ET or even Santa Clause so what was it? Well it turns out that the the armageddon looking obj ...