Global Warming linked to Evil Weather Manipulation plot says scientist

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In the above recent interview on our Toronto Business Journal newsmagazine show, Dr. Marvin Herndon reveals that big corporations in league with governmental operatives have been intentionally perpetrating Global Warming through secretive chemical spraying of the atmosphere which has been resulting in the melting of glaciers and other orchestrated changes to the weather.  This chemical spraying is referred to as "chemtrails" by independent scientist like Dr. Herndon who have sought to expose the satanic plot behind Global Warming and ensuing climate change.  The CO2 narrative of climate change is a myth spread through controlled opposition groups which include so-called "environmental activists" and international Green Parties that are being paid-off to spread a calculated deception.

On or about February 14, 2016, an oily-ashy substance fell on seven homes and vehicles in Harrison Township, Michigan, USA, according to the Commander of the nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan, who told the press that the release was not from a military plane.

Brig. Gen. John D. Slocum did not respond when asked whether a government or contractor plane was involved.

It was suspected that this was an unintentional release from a covert geoengineering operation.

Dr. Marvin Herndon of Transdyne Corporation "obtained samples of the material from one of the residents whose property was splattered from above and had the material analysed; the material was also sampled and analysed by officials from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality," according to a recent article in the Journal of Geography, Environment, and Earth Science International.

According to the article, "the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality noted from microscopic examination" that the air-drop material "consists of a mixture of particles in dark clumps... that morphologically resembles plant material, including leaves, seeds, and fruit skins make up the majority of the sample... When coal fly ash falls to Earth, its typically dark grey colour absorbs sunlight and increases global warming."

These laboratory test results show that the material dropped from an aircraft over Harrison Township contained coal fly ash and salt.

Dr. Herndon reports that "patterns of quasi-circular holes, sometimes called 'cryoconite holes,' are observed on ablating glacier surfaces worldwide; these holes resemble the distribution pattern of the air-drop material." Natural cryoconite absorbs sunlight and melts its way into glacier ice because of its dark colour.

Dr. Herndon concludes that "the air-drop material is synthetic cryoconite, or proto-cryoconite, whose purpose is to melt glacial ice." This explanation is consistent with the now near-daily, near-global spraying of a particulate substance, evidenced as coal fly ash, into the troposphere, which has the effect of causing global warming.

"Scientists worldwide should call for, and indeed demand, a full and open investigation into these covert geoengineering activities, the potential impacts on Earth's climate system, the integrity of Earth's biota, and human health may prove to be extremely hazardous," elaborates Dr. Herndon.


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