Ottawa: Professionals get new Wine Tasting Event


Calling all businessmen and businesswomen of Ottawa! Join in the wine tasting event this coming June at Downtown Ottawa. Meet and have a drink with your fellow entrepreneurs of Ottawa.

Ottawa e-Commerce Business and Publishing Connections is organizing this exceptional wine tasting event—Wine Tasting for Ottawa Sales and Marketing Professionals—where Ottawa entrepreneurs, including those who are doing business through the Internet, are invited to talk and exchange ideas about their sales and marketing strategies. With the help of and, organizing this unique wine tasting event has been made possible.

Ottawa e-Commerce Business and Publishing Connections is a group of business professionals who aims to help other colleagues or fellow businesspeople in learning more about running their business when it comes to sales and marketing. This group organizes meet-ups for the business professionals of Ottawa to encourage them to expand their connections.

The goal of the event is for the guests to be able to meet new acquaintances, expand one’s social connections, and also have a drink of the top six famous wines of Canada paired with different kinds of cheese. There will also be a short presentation about the different forms of marketing strategies and also how advertorials can be an advantage and a good substitute for online banners.

In this event, you will surely learn a lot about selling your products or services, moreover, you get to meet new people in the business and be able to expand one’s connections when it comes to businesses. This can be an advantage because when running a business, you need to have a lot of connections in cases where you need help with your business and they are also potential customers to your business. Building a good relationship with your colleagues is important because you’ll never know what advantages they could give to your business.

You could also get a chance to taste six different glasses of exquisite Canadian wines. For every ticket you purchase, you’re entitled to six glasses of wine. Moreover, you’ll get to learn more about the origins of the Canadian wines and how they are processed.

This event will not only benefit the guests but the earnings of this event will be donated to Ottawa Mission. This is a group wherein they give assistance to the homeless. When you are to join this event, you’re also helping not only your business but also the homeless people who need help.

            If you want to join, RSVP now and take part to this fund-raising and wine tasting event. This event will take part on the 7th of June 2013 (Friday) at Downtown Ottawa. Each ticket costs 60 Canadian Dollars. Join with colleagues and learn more about running your business.

Remember, this is an RSVP event. So never forget to click the link and get RSVP.


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