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Israel's Killing Spree Against Palestinians Reflect Alien, Not Jewish Control

There are many Jews who are very much against the latest killing of Palestinians in Israeli-controlled Gaza.  But did you notice that not too many of these Jews are given the time of day in the mass-media?  That is apparently because same alleged manipulative aliens that control the mass-media apparently control Israel's aggressive "Zionist" actions. 

The mass media and Israel have sought to recruit "pro-Killing Spree" talking heads to repeat the same "party line" that the killings have been a necessary for the state of Israel to "defend itself" and that Israel's government implicitly "speaks for Jews".  But as a Jew, it is apparent that the State of Israel through such governmental actions is a betrayal of the Jewish people who had suffered through the Holocaust during World War II.  

Arguably, Israel in spite of its label as a Jewish state can be said through its actions to speak no more for Jews than does U.S. President Donald Trump speak for "white people".

The barbaric gas-ing and killing of innocent women and children by Israel's government shows that it's being controlled by the same alleged alien demons which had once used the Nazis as their front under Hitler.  Having killed millions of Jews, the demons reportedly infiltrate so-called leaders who call themselves Jews and turn their attention to inflicting open air concentration camps against Palestinians and other Muslims based upon Pagan Gnostic insights revealed on metahistory.org.

The Nazis had once portrayed the Jews as "terrorists" that must be extinguished.  As Micheal Salla points out in his Typology of Extraterrestrials, it's the manipulative aliens linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allegedly prop-up an oppressive imperial political-military-industrial complex on Earth which orchestrate "terrorism". 

It's vital that the majority of Jews who support having peace, love and empathy for each other including the Palestinians help expose the apparent hypocrisy of Israel's apparent Nazi-inspired archons who now turn their eyes to helping to perpetrate a Holocaust against Palestinians and other Muslims.  This is vital if we, as humans, are to avoid a manipulative alien false flag scenario toward a so-called "New World Order".

The mind that that also poses as Arab leaders of governments and so-called "terrorist organizations" that also condone killings like Israel's governing elites also betrays the alien psychopaths described by Dr. Michael Salla, David Icke and others.

The elites on both sides of the "War on Terrorism" betray the mind control of manipulative aliens which seek to "divide, rule and conquer" humanity by infiltrating Jewish, Muslims and other groups with psychopaths that carry out barbaric actions against Jewish and Muslims populations.

The on-going conflict between Israel and its neighbours in the context of the so-called "War on Terrorism" is apparently entirely artificial and this orchestration was revealed in an excerpt of the 80's film "They Live" which explored the alleged presence of demonic aliens masquerading as humans and instigating a "War on Terorism" (above video)

When one looks at the Jewish diaspora and inside the private lives of Jews inside Israel, we can observe Jews and Muslims getting along including with Muslims who are Palestinians.  Similarly, if Israel was actually being run by these same Jews, you would not see Palestinians getting killed. 

Instead you would see Jews inviting Palestinians to peaceful assemblies and to Shabbat dinners into their homes for a dialogue toward a vibrant multicultural Israel alongside a thriving Palestinian state, and that's the spirit of the Jewish people who view all Muslims as fellow human beings.

If the Palestinians were not similarly the targets of manipulation by these apparent demons, you would see in the media the Muslims who also invite Jews into their homes for celebrations.  Indeed, there are many Arab Israelis who as private citizens get along well with their Jewish neighbours and the Palestinians in Gaza could also if they were not being subjected to acts of barbarity not by Jews but by apparent alien demons that reign terrorism against unarmed civilians in inhumane conditions in Gaza.

Conflict in Israel involving such killings is the apparent orchestration of manipulative alien mind control which seeks out willing human hosts for evil deeds against other humans.  Indeed, in his "Typology of Extraterrestrials". Dr. Salla points out that through a global "political-military-industrial complex" manipulative aliens have sought to "divide, rule and conquer" and as Jews who say about the Holocaust "never again", we must oppose an evil which operators through impostors who call themselves "Jews".

We must not through advocacy or through silence allow Judaism to be seized by those responsible for killings, destruction and mayhem.  Let us not relive aspects of the Holocaust as we allow the name of Judaism to be taken by apparent Nazi apologists.

For Jews who are liberated from the same manipulative alien intelligence which allegedly ruled over Nazi Germany, there is no moral defence for the recent killings of Palestinians protesting on their side of the in Gaza.  Instead there's shock and horror among the silenced majority of Jews across the world at further loss in innocent human lives under the reign terror by the archons who mis-label themselves as Jews.  Recent actions by a political-military-industrial complex against Gaza have been an abomination against Judaism and humanity in general. 


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