Detective Robert Griffin: How Ottawa's Dirty Cop Helped Me Abuse My Wife

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Are you an average guy who likes to abuse his wife?

After all, I'm Jamaican.  I can't help myself.

Let me tell you about a great experience I had with an Ottawa cop who helped me abuse my wife and kept my meddling son from stopping me.

His name is Detective Robert Griffin of the Ottawa Police.

Back in 2015, I thought that I was in trouble when social service workers wanted to check and see how my wife was doing.

The social service workers were going to testify against me with my son in Court about how I been keeping basic medicine and other stuff they wanted to deliver to my wife.

That's when Detective Robert Griffin saved the day.

He marched down there like any guy who shares my views on the right of a man to do what he wants in his home, and told those social service workers to back off.

Too bad that my wife can no longer walk, talk or write.  Hey, it's not my fault she can't take some action.

She kept crying to see her son.  Boo-hoo!  Give me a brake!!  But thanks to the moral support of Detective Robert Griffin and his friends down at the Ottawa Police that will never happen.


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