Global Warming arises from Human appearances, alien minds

Imagine summer temperatures in Toronto rising to 60 Celsius or 140 F. Imagine temperatures in Chicago at 150 F, and Miami a whopping 165 F. How many agricultural crops do you think could survive these temperatures? With these temperatures, our oceans would become literally stagnant and dead. Yet, this is the future we, as humans have to look forward to, as elites preside over the melting of the Arctic, that is so vital to the global ecology of our planet Earth.

How is it that seemingly intelligent, educated human beings who have often graduated from the top universities in the world are so intent on destroying their futures along with that of the rest of the planet? How can the decision-makers of this world, the elite if you like, be so blind to the fact that even a seemingly small rise in average temperature will lead to catastrophic melting of the Arctic and Greenland ice-sheets, rising sea-level, dwindling lakes, more drought, extreme heat, crop failures, widespread famine, and death? We are way past half way to the disaster threshold, and there seems to be little willingness among world leaders to slow the use of fossil fuels and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions. In spite of worsening daily news reports related to climate change, it seems to be “business as usual”. How has this happened?

A small number of writers and scholars suggest that we need to look beyond the confines of our Earth’s atmosphere, and perhaps even beyond the confines of our human time-space dimension to find the answer.

Dr. John Lash points out that many centuries ago, Pagan Gnostics sought to warn the world of the presence of “Archons” -- interdimensional beings that have sought to live though a human bodily form, while lacking spirit (or soul). Lacking a spirit which binds us as humans together, Archons posses a mind that is "disconnected" from real humans and from Mother Nature.

Archons apparently originate from a dystopic hell-like lower dimensional plane, and reportedly only care about a “service-to-self” orientation that is described by Alex Collier. Such an orientation lacks any consideration for protecting our planet Earth from destruction. Alex Collier is a voluntary contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials.

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